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For Pokémon GO to really blossom into a social experience, Nintendo and developer Niantic Labs needed it to be in the hands of as many users as possible. Naturally, the two decided to give the game away for free. The move guaranteed that millions would try it, but it also meant that they had to find another way to make a profit from it. Pokémon GO Coins are how the new augmented reality game makes money despite being available at no charge in the iTunes Store and Google Play Store.

Pokémon GO Coins are just another digital item in a game stuffed with them. Unlike Incense and Lure Modules, the coins themselves are the game’s virtual currency. You can earn them, but Nintendo is hoping that you will buy them with real money, then use them to purchase character upgrades and useful extras.

Journeying into the in-game store gives you your first glimpse at Pokémon Go Coins. You’re probably familiar with the way they work, even if you’ve never played the game before. That’s because all free-to-play games include a digital currency.

With Pokémon GO coins, you can unlock other things in the game. Coins are included in both versions of the game as micro-transactions. The game bills your Google Play Account or iTunes Account, depending on which version of the title you’re using. The cheapest amount that players can expect to pay for Pokémon GO coins is $.99. Other amounts include 550 Coins for $4.99, 1,200 coins for $9.99, 2,500 coins for $19.99, 5,200 coins for $39.99 and $14,500 coins for $99.99.

What You Can Buy with Pokémon GO Coins


The Pokémon GO Shop has a list of everything that you can buy with Pokémon GO coins. Mostly, the list is just a rehash of everything that you can slowly earn by visiting PokeStops. In every way, the currency should be thought of as a shortcut to items that you’ll earn if you play the game long enough.

Pokeballs come in packs of 20, 100 and 200. Incense are available for purchase with Pokémon GO Coins too. They come in singles and packs of 8 and 25. Eggs are available in the Pokémon GO Shop in packs of 8, 25 and as a singular purchase.

There are storage and bag upgrades available too.



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