Clash of Clans' News & Update: Next Patch To Include Fans' Requests? Update Out Later This Month

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"Clash of Clans" remains to be one of the most played mobile game for years. Despite the flawed and buggy updates in the past, "CoC" fans and players are still sticking with the game and are even waiting for Supercell's next patch.

It looks like Supercells will be treating their fans by giving in to their demands. According toChristian Today, chances are high that Supercell will feature the different suggestions from their fans on their next "Clash of Clans" update.


Parent Herald previously reported that some of the features that "Clash of Clans" gamers want to see in the gameplay are more achievements, arranged combats without planning and a sleep mode for Clans Castles. Per Neurogadget, aside from the said features, players' wish list for the next "Clash of Clans" update includes new Daily quest system , better Clan management and improved ranking system.

Supercell is determined to make a huge progress in their next "Clash of Clans" update that they even took the time to ask fans for their suggestions. We hope that Supercell will indeed include most if not all, of those features in their next "CoC" update.

In a separate report from Parent Herald, there are rumors that the next update will also include new content for Town Hall 1 to Town Hall 10. The recent "Clash of Clans" big updates were exclusive to players in Town Hall level 11 and it is high time to allow the players in the lower levels to enjoy the update. Many "CoC" gamer are still below TH 11, so more will be pleased if Supercell will release an update for TH 1 to TH 10.

For those wondering when the next "Clash of Clans" update will be available, there are rumors that it will likely arrive later this month on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Supercell usually releases "CoC" updates on these days in the past, so if they will continue the trend we should look out on these days.

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