Pokemon GO: How to Get Coins (Fast) & What They’re Used For

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 On iOS & Android: Stock up on coins with these methods, helping you understand every current strategy for earning coins — and which direction is best for you.

Coins are the currency of Pokemon GO, and if you’re hoping to take advantage of all those items in the shop, you’re going to need plenty of coins. Naturally, coins can be purchased for real-life cash (this is a free-2-play app after all) but that absolutely isn’t required. If you play your cards right, there’s no need to purchase coins with your hard-earned cash. Learn the best ways to earn cash with our complete guide below.

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Now, if we’re being totally honest, coins definitely aren’t required at all to enjoy thePokemon GO experience. If all you want to do is capture Pokemon, you just need a few items; incense, lures, Razz berries, and Pokeballs. All of these items can be acquired from Pokestops — make frequent visits and you’ll have more than enough items.


As you level-up, better Pokeballs will drop from Pokestops, making coins completely unnecessary if you’ve got the dedication to walk. Pokestops re-up every 10-15 minutes or so, which is a remarkably quick turn-around time for a F2P app. While you’re going to a Pokestop, watch for a pink pulsating circle — that means someone’s used a Lure to attract more Pokemon to the area. Enjoy capturing!

Coins – How To Get Them, And Why You’ll Want Them

Coins are the currency of Pokemon GO. It’s that simple. They can be used at the Shop to purchase items, permanent inventory upgrades, or limited-use Incubators.

Currently, there are three methods to earn coins:

  1. Visiting Pokestops
  2. Defending a Gym
  3. Purchasing With Real-Life Cash

While using your hard-earned dollars is an option, it isn’t the only option. Let’s learn a little bit more about earning coins at Pokestops and (more importantly) by defending Gyms.

Pokestops – How They Work

Your GPS map should show several locations — gyms, grassy fields (wild Pokemon) or pokestops. Depending on your area, there might be several Pokestops nearby. Pokestops are usually located in public places that are frequented by many people. They’re also an easy source of rewards and wild Pokemon.


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