Tribal conflict October update quick report: multiple defense arms upgrade! Balance adjustment

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"Tribal conflict" development team, by observing the changes in the state of attack and play, the game for the most recent balance adjustment.

  According to the previously announced game design concept, regular balance adjustment, will keep the game interesting.

 In the large scale of the balance of the adjustment, we are continuing to develop 11 of the game, strengthen the poor performance of the unit, reducing some of the high level of upgrade (time and cost). We also observe the tribal war experience and the rules of war.

  1New level 7 master (10 unlock)

  6 Master's life and minor damage!

  6 master will now unlock in 9 (the original is 10)



  2、New 9 level electromagnetic tower (11 unlock)

  Remove: the electromagnetic tower no longer cause 2 times the damage to the pickup.

  3、5 new dragon baby (11 unlock)

  4 dragon baby will unlock the 10 (formerly 11)

  4、New level 10 mortar (11 unlock)

  Damage to the 8-9 level mortar!



  5、Skull spells will summon more skeletons, but it will take longer.

  6、Mirror spells made by the mirror image force, will survive on the battlefield for a long time.

  7、The life of the rock pitcher is slightly reduced!

  8、Other corresponding 11 upgrades

  1, 6 dragon

       2 and 5 grade X Liannu
       3, 25 additional wall

  9、Upgrade time or cost cutting

  1, 6 Master

2, 3-5 Dragon
3, all grades of dragon baby
4, 12-13 cannon
5, grade 11-13 towers
6, 8-9 level mortar
7, 7-8 class master tower
8, 5-8 level electromagnetic tower
9, 2-4 class X crossbow

  10、Tribal war balance adjustment

  1, even if the attack fails, you can still get some war victory award.

2, the offensive base camp level than their opponents will not reduce the war victory.
3, in the tribal war in the more difficult to attack the village, for the tribe to win the tribal experience value is also more, the maximum can win 10 points of experience!
We hope to reduce the negative influence of the difficulty of the village beat attack caused by 3 attack while giving more lucrative rewards.

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