Clash Royale The new version of strong schools: low cost three large Raiders

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 The updated version of a few, very smoothly, seven shots breakthrough to nearly 3900. The new collector even more hatred, as the gun escort, to join the sea makes the miners catch skull crack shot, and become the rapid solution of field outside the three units, the new skeleton sea wild boar caught miners faster, more accurate, more easily earn fees.

This strategy will be carried out from three aspects:

1:The core of analytical units

2:How to defend to earn the cost as well as to grasp the rhythm of the attack

3:Stop situation how to survive the cracks and the battle with each school play

4:Actual video Commentary (do not like to see the direct transmission of text Raiders)

The first part: the card.

Put the arms (Magic) is divided into 3 categories: the solution of high output field units, control the rhythm of the tactical arms and auxiliary arms (magic).

In this card group, high card output has two, three shots and skeleton army, which makes the new skeleton army gun tip has added a solution card.

Rhythm control card: a card collector, miners and specialist ice cream (also auxiliary class)

New collector risk is greater, but higher hatred, the start of the collector must pray opposite is not fat, but also quick to understand the army of skeletons.

It should be noted that the pig not to add the fire Doug pig under the skeleton army, will be the fire in your Doug seconds left, the tower in front of, will survive only a few skeletons, pig, enough.

The new version of the collector is strongly recommended on both sides, so as not to be placed in the middle of a string of 4 shots under the gun, a skeleton sea, what is mine?

The use of miners, according to the above three types of analysis.

1:Dig the collector, said here 3 dug 3 do not dig. Dug quickly after the three shots can solve field, cost advantage, dig! Dig! On the side of the tower you blood collector, dig! Three: Mid don't dig, dig a skeleton Haige brin does not dig, dig not less cost.

First, you dug across the next pickup catch, caught the gun free catch, two knocks, then free pickup, instantly earn 6 fee, top with fat, wild boar, eat, eat all.

The cost is high, the opposite is caught, want to follow the thing to give me to come? With me not falsely, still can defend a card, I continue to kind of collector, and drag the time, time dragged to one minute to be only good to us!

In the tower of the blood on the side of the collector, the opposite is not with him on the tangled, but also to pickup as an example, if you do not have a single ice cream solution, it will not lose.

Three don't dig does not mean that really do not dig, but when the gun Knights attack dig, skeleton Heinze Brin, dig in the past is the delivery fee, you know.


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