How to use 14000 Gems the most effective way in Clash of Clans

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Thanks to one of our most active community members Gabris I had the inspiration for making this small guide: Imagine you log into your Clash of Clans Account and suddenly there are 14.000 gems or you just bought them or maybe you found a 100 USD gift card somewhere in the subway – what would you do with it? No hurry! Spending Gems very carefully to get the best boost from it is what you have to do.

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What is the best way to invest your Gems in Clash of Clans?

Spending Gems for upgrades

If you buy 4,000,000 Gold or Elixir you will pay 1400 gems for it (I will assume for this calculation that you have 2 max Storages and they are completely empty) – this means you can buy shocking 40 million Gold/Elixir with these Gems for upgrading your base. No matter where you are in the game you should upgrade your Wizard Towers to Level 8 first and after that your Mortars to Level 7 if your Town Hall is high enough for that.

In my opinion your Wizard Tower is your strongest defensive building (see here in the HITS TO KILL series why) and your Mortar right afterwards. If you did that you should get your Hidden Teslas upgraded to their max possible level (I had some post about the Hidden Teslahere). Depending on your Town Hall Level you spend all of the gems – if not and you have some left save them until you upgraded your Town Hall and then go on spending them on these building. The highest levels are really expensive and take long to upgrade but don’t (ever ever) spend gems for finishing the upgrades right away – in my opinion a waste of gems.

Using the Gems for Troop Upgrades

If your base has a reasonable setup and your defensive building are well upgraded you may want to upgrade your troops via the Laboratory. If you are on a lower Town Hall level you should pick the Barbarians, Archers and Giants to upgrade. I recommend to get the Archers and Giants to level 5 – not level 6 as I see the last level as a luxury upgrade giving not that big of a boost worth the higher training costs (10% more damage/HP vs. 50% higher training costs). Giants level 6 however are mandatory and you should get them if you can gem them as they will be one of the most useful units when raiding in lower Town Hall sections. Also here: don’t gem the instant finish of training even if it is so alluring :) simple smile

Barrack and Spell Factory boosting in Clash of Clans clash of clans gems boosting

Boosting is the most effective way of spending Gems in Clash of Clans

If you have a higher Town Hall level you should focus on Wizards and Hog Riders – Hog Riders are so overpowered right now and getting them to level 5 will give you very often a 3 star in Clan Wars.

Boosting is the most effective way of spending Gems in Clash of Clans

If you have the time and are patient enough and really want to use every of these gems in the most effective way you should use it for boosting your Spell Factory and Barracks (read here a small calculation on boosting vs. instant gem usage). In this way you can have tons of hours of boosting and attacking and getting probably 5 times as much Gold/Elixir than from instant buying them:

  • 10 gems will get you a 2 hours boost with a 4 times training speed
  • Gives you (based on 4 Barracks and 1 Spell Factory) 560 hours of boosting time (>23 days)
  • Save you 1680 hours of waiting (70!!!! days) until your Spells/Troops are finished training

So no matter what you will decide to do, 14000 gems are a big boost as you can see if you use them wisely. Maybe next time when you get/buy gems you will remind those hard numbers and take your time to decide what you spend your Gems on.

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