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How to Play Clash Royale Game PC ? How to Play Clash Royale Game Android ? How to Play Clash Royale Game Bluestacks Online ? Are you quite fascinated of playing games on your smartphone? Then, here is an amazing new game for you to play on your iPhone and Android phones and you can’t even stop playing it once after playing. You will definitely get addicted to this Clash Royale game once you start playing it. Have you heard of Clash of Clans, an extremely popular smartphone game? Clash of Clans and Clash Royale look quite familiar. The both game titles look familiar because it’s from the same folks who created the smartphone games.

Now, new updates have been added to the “Clash Royale” game which made it like ten trillion times better than the “Clash of Clans.” Clash Royale is the latest game for which a lot of updated stuff has been added that include some new cards, more rewards, spectating, balance, and much more.The game is extremely tactical, so you can’t blindly go into a game expecting to just get the swing of it. If you’re a notice player of Clash Royale game, here are the detailed steps to play Clash Royale on your device. This might certainly help you get ahead in this game and ultimately play with the big boys of Royale TV.

 Play Clash Royale Game

Clash Royale Strategy Guides, Tips and Decks – How to Play Clash Royale Game?

Here’s is How to Play Clash Royale game on your PC or mobile. Check out the steps:
The Clash Royale game requires and internet connection to play just like the “Game of War” and “Clash of Clans,” online games. Every battle you combat in the game is played against another actual human being who lives in someplace on the Planet Earth. Once you hit the button to start a game, you’re ready to get matched with another player.
Download & Install
• Initially, download the Clash Royale Apk on you PC , mobile device or On Blue Stacks.
• You can install the latest updated Clash Royale game from the Google Play Store.
• Once you install the game on your device successfully, head over to play the game.
• Hit the Start button. As it is a multi-player game, you can start playing with multiple players online.
Two Chests – Free and Crown
• You can see two boxes that involve chests. The one on the left named Free Chest is based on a four-hour timer that doles out free stuff. For every four hours, you get a new free chest comprising fully of stuff you use in the game itself. The one on the right namely the “Crown Chest,” is earned by winning matches.
play clash royale
• In every match of “Clash Royale,” that you play, you could earn “crowns” by taking out enemy fortresses. If you take out all three, you get three crowns and ultimately you also win the match.
• On the other hand, if you have a number of crowns than the opposition when the counter ticks to zero then it means that you win.
• In the above image shown, you can see the giant yellow “Battle” button in the middle. Once you hit that button, it means that you’ll be near-instantly matched with a human challenge.
Enter the Arena
• Here’s the beginning of a game between me – you and your opponent.
• From the image shown below, you may notice that the arena is divided in half. Your three castles are on the bottom that is covered by the blue banner while the competitor’s three castles are on top.
• The lines in the ground indicate the paths that run between bases, and these paths are crossed by your mounted troops.
play clash royale
• The main goal of “Clash Royale” is to destroy all the three castles of your opponent before yours are destroyed. And, if you destroy more of the enemy’s castles than your opponent before time runs out, that’s also a win. It might possibly become adraw.
Begin the Game – Here’s is how:
You need to pick cards to arrange, which translate to actual units, buildings, or spells on the field.
In the image, you can see there are four cards along the bottom:
• Arrows
• A knight
• An army of skeletons
• A fireball
Each of those is a re-usable card that can be positioned on the battle field. You can use it simply by touching and dragging the card to the field.
play clash royale
If you place the card anywhere on the map, the opponent starts proceeding toward whatever castle is nearest to them.
Apart from positioning troops, you can set up buildings (similar to barracks) that produce varying types of soldiers. This can help distract the enemy from destroying your castles and through a challenge to the enemy with soldiers marching on their castles.
Bottom Line
“Clash Royale” is a free-to-play Android game either on your PC or Android smartphone. This game is currently number six on the top grossing Android apps. You can now imagine how popular this game is. Why are you waiting for? Just install it on your device and start playing Clash Royale. Enjoy gaming!!


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