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The next update is on the horizon and it’s time to gather all important info in one place.

I will always check any leak I find and if I see one that makes sense from a trustful source, I will immediately show it here – but also expect me to show fake leaks and tell you why they are fakes.

Update Date!

No official date announced yet, but Supercell aims for March 2017.


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Clash Royale March 2017 Update

Note: Due to many requests I switched the order from the bottom(old) to top(most recent). If you’re visiting this page the first time and want to get the whole story, you’ll need to start from the bottom.

Draft Challenge is Back! (March 2nd, 2017)

We already know that Supercell will celebrate today’s 1st anniversary of the global Clash Royale launch with several events during March – the first one is the Draft Challenge (that we just saw 2 weeks ago). Including 1 free entry for the Classic Challenge.

Here are some tips how you can win it:

Team Battles Coming?! (March 1st, 2017)

After some real good research, the Clash Royale community found 2 pieces within recent announcements regarding Clash Royale – one in a post from Tim (Supercell Staff in the official forum) and also in the Radio Royale announcement inside the game.

There have been two part of a button and it’s extremely obvious that they mean “Team Battle”.

Ash did put that together very good in his video that I recommend you to watch to see the whole story behind this

However, there’s not much more about Team Battle, but I find the idea very thrilling to battle together with one or more clan members against multiple opponent in a bigger Arena.

I hope we get some more info very soon.

Update Date & Anniversary Celebration (February 28th, 2017)

Many of us thought that the Clash Royale Update will be released at the 1st official anniversary of the Clash Royale release on March 2nd – in fact, Supercell also planned to do that.

Unfortunately, this was not possible so Supercell will give us some “modest anniversary celebration thing” on March 2nd and then release more during the month of March – not very specific, but we know that something’s coming very soon 🙂

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