Shipwreck Truth in Clash of Clans

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Since November 2016 there have been rumors about a shipwreck that is coming to Clash of Clans and there’s a lot of confusion about it, so I decided to create this article to gather all the info we have in one single place.

Shipwreck in Clash of Clans

It all started off with a game file extraction by spAnser on Reddit back in November where he found some interesting files showing a shipwreck.


shipwreck clash of clans december update


So, the rumor train was getting off and most of us expected this to be released along with the December 2016 Update – the December Update has always been the biggest Clash of Clans Update in the past years.

But then, the December 2016 Update came and went with nothing, so many thought that this was something that will not get released.

The interesting thing was, that inside the December 2016 Update files, there was something new related to the ship – a new icon.


shipwreck icon clash of clans leak


So, why would Supercell update something they will never release? That doesn’t make sense, so it can only mean that they are still working on it and it might take longer for them than expected to finish. Therefore, they delayed it for a later update.

Since then, the rumors have been calming down, but never been totally silent. Prominent Youtubers mentioned shipwrecks in their videos occasionally, so something is out there.

Now there’s something new in the Balancing Update for March 8th announcement at the official Clash of Clans Japan Twitter account released just a few hours ago:


Do you see it in the background? There’s a ship and it looks exactly like the one we’ve been seeing in the past leaks. This is official Supercell footage and they just announced that there will be “a massive update coming soon”.

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