TH8 War Base & Farming Base Layouts

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 It’s time for a new base design. All recent base designs I featured here have become very popular, so they can be beaten by more and more people. I gathered together the latest solid base designs for TH8, War Base Layouts and Farming Base Layouts.

All base layouts are up to date with the latest Clash of Clans update and include the Bomb Tower.

One thing before we start, if you use a base you find on the internet you should always try to change it a little bit. Here’s a short guide how to do it:

Town Hall 8 War Base Layouts

In Clan War it’s pretty popular that a higher Town Hall Level will attack your base. Of course this is sometimes frustrating, but this only happens if another Town Hall 8 player is not able to 3 Star your base – with these base designs you will give them a headache.

Anti-Dragon TH8 War Base Layout

This Town Hall 8 War Base Design is meant to defend against Dragon attacks. Somehow these attacks are still quite popular.


town hall 8 war base anti dragons


With the centralized Air Defenses and the layout making it hard to funnel Dragons directly into the core you will not see any 3 Star with Dragon attacks on this base.

Best Town Hall 8 Anti-Hog Rider War Base GoHo / GoVaHo / GoVaBo

This is a great layout to use against Hog Riders. You have strong Trap setups along with the Bomb Tower that are not predictable – the attacker will only see 4 possible positions and all of them are pretty hostile against Hog Riders.


th8 war base layout bomb tower anti hog goho govaho


More and more attackers use mass Hog Riders and this base will not get 3-Stared with Hog Riders.

This base is my recommendation.

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