Clash of Clans Events- Skeleton Spell Event

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 In the December 2016 update, Clash of Clans added events into the game; little challenge that can earn you XP and gems. For every event, you will have a special discounted troop or spell, which possibly the option to gain XP and gems. There is always an event going on so this will be a list of every event in Clash of Clans, updated as new events come out (newest event will be at the top).

Skeleton Spell Event

April 4th-6th, 2017

The skeleton spell event in here in Clash of Clans! This isn’t the best spell in the game by far, but you do get to train these skeleton spells for 90% off. However, there are no rewards, so it seems almost pointless to participate in this event.

Clash of Clans Skeleton Spell Event

So strategy for the skeleton spell is really limited, but if you want to throw one in for kicks, you can do it with basically any composition. Just play it and add a skeleton army to your attacking force! Next event will be much better guys!

Next Event: 3x Clan XP Event

Dragon Event

April 1st-2nd, 2017

The newest Clash of Clans event is the dragon event! Dragons are super strong at both Town Hall 7 and 8, so you guys should be taking advantage of this one. Not only do you get a cheap training cost, but you also get the standard reward (30 gems, 300 XP) for winning 3 battles. You only need to use 2 dragons to seal an attack that counts.

Clash of Clans Dragon Event

Like I said, TH7 and TH8 will be killing it this event. Bring out the mass dragons to dominate! As for you higher Town Hall levels, use the OP LavaLoonion strategy, but bring 2 dragons along for the ride so that you can grab the reward with the win.

Next Event: Skeleton Spell Event

2x Star Bonus

March 28th-30th, 2017

The 2x star bonus event is back for the third time in Clash of Clans! This event doesn’t give you 2x as many stars, but instead gives you 2x as much loot when you complete your 5 star bonus. This is one of my favorite events as it makes farming easier, even if it doesn’t discount any troops.

Clash Royale 2x Star Bonus Strategies

So you are going to want to get as many stars as possible during this event. Therefore, I’d recommend using three star armies! This means mass drags at TH7, hogs at TH8, and LavaLoonion from TH9+.

Giant Event

March 25th-26th, 2017

The giant event is here in Clash of Clans! This event will offer both a troop discount and a reward for winning 3 battles with giants. You have to use 9 giants, but in return you earn 300 XP and 30 gems for your efforts! Plus, with a 90% cost discount you should be training these guys up anyways.

Clash of Clans Giant Event

Giants are a very versatile troop, so you should be able to easily use them to succeed. The best use for them is farming, where you want to penetrate deep into the base to get some storages! Goblin knife will work super well with this event.

Next Event: 2x Star Bonus Event

Lightning Spell Event

March 21st-23rd, 2017

The newest Clash of Clans event is the lightning spell event! This event doesn’t offer any rewards, like XP or gems, but it does take off 90% of the cost when brewing them.

Clash of Clans Lightning Spell Event

Lightning spells have fallen out of the meta a lot since the introduction of poison spells but at Town Hall 7 and Town Hall 8 they are still very viable. Use lightning spells to take out an air defense so that you can win your mass dragon attack easier! The cost will save you about 60k elixir per raid.

Next Event: Giant Event

Minion Event

March 18th-19th, 2017

The minion event is here in Clash of Clans! Minions are one of the best support units in Clash of Clans, so you should take advantage of this event. Luckily, this event offers rewards, with 300 XP and 30 gems as a reward for winning 3 battles with at least 22 minions in your deck.

Clash of Clans Minion Event

Some great strategies to use with minions are BAM, along with LavaLoonion. Use B(arbarians)A(rchers)M(inions) for farming and take as many minions as you want! For LavaLoonion, you want to bring a good amount of clean up minions!

Next Event: Lightning Spell Event

Clone Spell Event

March 14th-16th, 2017

For this Clash of Clans event, we have one of the worst spells in the game, the clone spell! With this event, we don’t even get the reward of XP and gems, only a cost reductions. Clone spells will be 90% cheaper to train.

Clash of Clans Clone Spell Event

Now its really hard to use the clone spell in an army, but if you have to the clone spell has pretty good synergy with golems. Maybe try out some old-fashioned GoWiPe or GoWiWi? Anyways enjoy the cheap cost!

Next Event: Minion Event

2x Star Bonus Event

March 7th-9th, 2017

The 2x Star Bonus event is back in Clash of Clans! This one is awesome with your star bonus being doubled once you hit 5 stars. Unfortunately, the star bonus isn’t inifinite; you get it reset every day.

Clash Royale 2x Star Bonus Strategies

So to get the most amount of stars you want to use high strength armies. For Town Halls 6-7, giant healer should work fine for you. For Town Halls 8-9, hogs are great for three starring. Lastly, when you are Town Hall 10-11, you should use LavaLoonion for an easier three star before it gets nerfed.

Next Event: Valkyrie Event

GoWiWi Event

March 3rd-7th, 2017

Clash of Clans is finally mixing it up a bit with the GoWiWi event! No longer are we going to have single unit events, but now it is 3 different units, the golem, witch, and wizard, that make up the GoWiWi strategy. Since it isn’t a single troop, rewards are weird. You don’t get a reward for using golems, but you do get rewards for using 11 wizards and 4 witches. You’ll have to win the standard 3 battles to gain 300 XP and 20 gems. Also, all these troops are 50% off training price, not 90%.

Clash of Clans GoWiWi Event

So obviously, the best way to get the rewards is to use the GoWiWi strategy. 3 of these raids should easily get you the win. However, there is nothing that says you have to use the troops together to get the reward. Just throw in some wizards and witches into your normal strategy and you’ll be good to go!

Next Event: Unstated

Poison Spell Event

February 28th-March 2nd, 2017

We have come to one of the last spell events within Clash of Clans, the poison spell event! There will be no XP and gem bonus for this event, but as always, we will be getting the 90% off cost. Be sure to take advantage of the cheap cost in your CC kills!

Clash of Clans Poison Spell Event

So there isn’t really any strategies based around the poison spell that you could utilize, but you can use it to make cheaper CC kills while pushing or in war! Train up 2-3 of these to really do damage quickly to the defending troops.

Next Event: GoWiWi Event

Baby Dragon Event

February 25th-26th, 2017

Baby dragons are finally getting their own event in Clash of Clans with the baby dragon event! With the baby dragon event, rewards will be available but it isn’t the the typical 300 XP-30 gems. For this event, you get 100 XP and 30 gems if you win 3 battles using at least 4 baby dragons. Along with the rewards, baby dragons are 90% off!

Clash of Clans Baby Dragon Event

Mass baby dragons is a somewhat good strategy to use for this event, but an even better one would be LavaLoonion with baby dragons as support units! They are really quite good at cleaning us since they have a rage when they are alone. Use the 90% cost reduction to your advantage!

Next Event: Poison Spell Event

Rage Spell Event

February 21st-23rd, 2017

The rage spell event is here in Clash of Clans! For this event, you will be able to train rage spells for a discounted 90%. Unfortunately, there will be no rewards for this event, just the cost discount.

Clash of Clans Rage Spell Event

Since rage spells are so cheap though, you guys should get out there with raged armies! LavaLoonion is one of the greatest strategies that uses rage spells. For farming though, a giant goblin composition would love some cheap rage spells to help them get all of the loot.

Next Event: Baby Dragon Event

Healer Event

February 18th-19th, 2017

Following up the haste spell event will be the healer event for Clash of Clans! This healer event comes with rewards, meaning 300 XP and 30 gems for completion. You can receive the XP and gems by winning 3 battles with at least 3 healers. Along with that reward, all healers are discounted 90%, making a level 4 healer cost only 1000 elixir.

Clash of Clans Healer Event

Since healers are so discounted, you are going to want to train them up to take advantage of their low elixir cost. I would recommend giant-healer for you lower TH farmers out there, while having a queen walk for TH9+ has just gotten a lot easier! Make sure to enjoy the healer event!

Next Event: Rage Spell Event

Haste Spell Event

February 14th-16th, 2017

The latest Clash of Clans event is the haste spell event! The haste spell is a dark elixir spell that increased troop movement speed, a bit like a weaker rage spell. Unfortunately, for this event there is no reward, only a decreased cost. Like always, the cost has been reduced by 90%, making haste spells cost about as much as a minion.

Clash of Clans Haste Spell Event

Since the haste spell is so cheap, you should take advantage of its cost by using armies that cater to the haste spell. Precision balloonion is a great one for this, along with a lot of farming raids like giant-goblin. Good luck during this event!

Next Event: Healer Event

P.E.K.K.A. Event

February 11th-12th, 2017

The PEKKA event in here as the latest Clash of Clans event! Along with using one of the staples of Clash of Clans, you get 300 XP and 30 gems for winning just 3 battles using only 2 PEKKAs. As with all Clash of Clans events, the cost has been decreased by 90%, making PEKKAs, as cheap as giants to train.

Clash of Clans PEKKA Event

So if you want to succeed in this event, I would suggest not using a full on PEKKA army. Instead, a regular barch with PEKKAs to tank or a giant-goblin deck with PEKKAs mixed in. Good luck getting those gems!

Next Event: Valentine’s Day Hero Boost 

4x Star Bonus Event

February 7th-9th, 2017

The star bonus event is back for Clash of Clans, but this time your loot is times 4! Clearly there is no added gems and XP for this event, but having 4x the loot from getting stars can get you so many resources it is crazy! Personally, my star bonus is now up to 700k and 3k for getting only 5 stars!

Clash of Clans 4x Star Bonus Event

With stars being so key to this event, you should definitely be using 2 and 3 star armies to get the bonus as fast as possible. I’d recommend LavaLoonion or giants in order to get those stars! Good luck and try to get as much loot as possible!

Next Event: P.E.K.K.A. Event

Balloon Event

February 4th-5th, 2017

The newest Clash of Clans event is the balloon event! With the rise of LavaLoonion since the latest balance change, balloons are some of the best units in the game. Luckily, this event features XP and gems for completing the event. In order to get these rewards, you need to win 3 battles with 9 balloons each. Cost is also decreased by 90%.

Clash of Clans Balloon Event

So as I mentioned above, with this event, you should definitely be using LavaLoonion if you are TH9 and up. With the decrease of balloon cost, you can train the expensive LavaLoonion composition at much cheaper. Try to push some trophies during this event!

Next Event: 4x Star Bonus

Healing Spell Event

January 31th-February 2nd, 2017

The healing spell event is here for Clash of Clans! Unfortunately, this event doesn’t offer free gems and XP if you are able to complete it, but you can still train heal spells at an absurd discounted price. It will be the standard 90% off for all events.

Clash of Clans Heal Spell Event

With heal spells being so cheap, you should definitely use an army with them to cut down elixir costs. My recommendations? Go with hog-heal if you are TH8 or TH9. Also barch with some heal spells is a great farming technique to pick up a bunch of loot. Kind of disappointed there is no reward but, hey, you get what you get!

Next Event: Balloon Event

Witch Event

January 28th-January 29th, 2017

The next Clash of Clans event is here and it is the witch event! The witch event only lasts 2 days, ending on January 29th. However, the witch event will offer XP and gems for completing it, giving you 300 XP along with 30 gems for winning 3 matches. You must use 4 witches in your army to take home the prize!

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