Clash Of Clans Update News: Personal Break Changes After Supercell Relents

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 Supercell has revamped the Clash of Clans Personal Break timer system irritating Clash of Clans players ever since the Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 update.

Supercell also fixed a major bug with the Personal Break timer system in this latest optional update. Clash of Clans players should no longer be forced into a Personal Break when they had been already been offline for a period of time.

After this last update, the Personal Break online time limit has been increased to 4 hours, and the Personal Break timer will now fully reset itself when a Clash of Clans player has been offline for 15 minutes without either a Shield or a Village Guard.

Previously, the Personal Break online time limit had been 3 hours and Clash of Clans players had to spend 30 minutes offline without a Shield or a Village Guard to reset it.

The Personal Break limit extension has also been increased 15 minutes by Supercell, to 30 minutes as well. This Personal Break limit extension is only activated if a Clash of Clans player is kicked out of Clash of Clans while not being attacked or if they take a defense without a shield.

All league levels will see their free Village Guard buff extended as well, which activates when a Shield expires. Below Champion level, the Village Guard will stay active for 30 minutes, while all Champion levels will now have a 1 hour Village Guard.


Titan III Clash of Clans players will have a 2 hour Village Guard, Titan II ranked players will have a 3 hour long Village Guard and Titan I or Legend players will now have 4 hours worth of a Village Guard.

Also included in the optional update is the X-Mas tree Easter egg obstacle, a decrease in hit points for Skeletons and three bug fixes. These bug fixes deal with Clan War matchmaking parameters for Town Hall 9 to Town Hall 11, issues with saving which mode the Grand Warden had been left in and a hack that let some Clash of Clans players donate more Clan Spells than the limit allowed.

If you’re interested in keeping the X-Mas tree Easter egg obstacle even after the season is over, AllClash has posted a strategy guide that will show you how. Essentially, position your buildings to make sure that the X-Mas trees spawn on the edges of the map.

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