Win The Clan Battle Event (May 5th-8th)

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 Clan Battles are fighting 2v2 along with a clan mamber against 2 opponents and we’re able to use it every other week – on the Clan Battle Event. In this guide, I want to show you what you have to know about Clan Battles when you battle 2v2 along with a clan member, what decks you should use and some other advice that will help you to win the Clan Battle Challenge this weekend.

Next Clan Battle Event: May 5th-8th

About The Clan Battle Event

Every other week, like this weekend, the Clan Battle Event takes over the regular Clan Chest Event – this means only 2v2 Clan Battle matches are taken into account of the Clan Battle Chest.


clan battle chest event


The Clan Battle Chest work exactly the same like the regular Clan Chest. The only difference is, that you only need 275 Crowns from Clan Battles instead of the 1,500 the regular Clan Chest requires for Tier 10.

Clan Battle in general

This new game mode is completely different from the regular game mode and you have to adapt to it.

Every one of you will play his own deck and have his own Elixir Bar, so you’re not playing with a “shared” Elixir Bar. The Elixir production, however, is only 70% of the regular production (and 85% in double Elixir mode) to prevent just a chaotic spamming of troops.

I think you see that working together is the key as you just won’t have the Elixir on your own to make strong pushes while defending at the same time.

Communication in Clan Battles

You will always see when your friend is about to drop a troop off, that’s already a valuable information – you see that when a card icon is appearing on the map:


clan battle see other cards getting dropped


Now you can also see what cards your partner is able to play by clicking on his name right on top of your bar:

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