Clash Royale Balancing Changes

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 Clash Royale does quite frequently balancing changes to make underused cards more viable and to make cards with a lot of power a little weaker in order to keep the game balanced. In this article, you can check out the latest news regarding balancing change in Clash Royale. Of course, I will also give you my opinion how these changes will change the meta in the game.
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Balancing Changes March 13th, 2017

In this round of balancing changes, Supercell will take a look at the some cards, but nothing very big to change the whole meta.

Executioner: Axe hit radius +10%

  • We’re returning some of his former glory – his original lane control power – to compensate for the upcoming bug fixes.

The Log: Damage -4%, Range to 11.1 (from 11.6)

  • A bit less chip damage to towers and slightly shorter range will help tone down this highly used card.

Arrows: Projectile speed +33%

  • Your Giant is often dead by the time Arrows land on the Minion Horde attacking him… so we’re making them fly a bit quicker, seeing as not everyone is a Jedi.

Clone: No longer resets charging troops (Princes, Sparky, etc.)

  • This is a nice quality of life improvement for the underused Clone spell. Troops affected by a Clone will no longer stop charging – be it a charging Prince or a charging-up Sparky. However, the Clones themselves will start charging from scratch, as if just deployed.

Lumberjack: Rage Duration +1.5sec and +0.5sec per level

  • This change is for consistency with the Rage spell, but it also serves as a little boost to the Lumberjack.

Bomb Tower: Projectile speed +66%

  • A slight boost to help the Bomb Tower hit faster moving targets.

Electro Wizard: No longer permanently stuns

  • This is a fix and clarification of the stun/freeze mechanics: All stun/freeze effects will now pause the target’s attack, causing them to retarget when they resume. Exceptions are Sparky, Inferno Tower and Inferno Dragon, which will still be reset by stun/freeze effects.

Tornado: Can be placed on top of buildings

  • Tornado still won’t deal any damage to buildings (or pull them), but at least you’ll be able to play it directly on top of them if you wish!
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