Night Witch Legendary Card

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 Recently a new Witch entered into the Arena! Traditionally the role of creepy old lady was reserved for the normal Witch who wandered the playing field slinging energy blasts and slowly summoning skeletons. On 5/31/2017 though, Night Witch was released. Found in the Frozen Peak (Arena 8) or through a Legendary Chest, the Night Witch switches up the play style of the Witch adding a very unique character into the game. A diverse and powerful unit, she can decimate ground troops, push to kill towers, destroy tanks, and overall is an incredibly versatile unit.

Night Witch specifications
Rarity Legendary
Elixir Cost
Speed Medium
Type Melee Summoner (Her Bats can attack the air)
Rate of Summon 2 bats every 5-6 seconds, 3 bats on death

Who is She?


The Night Witch is a summoning unit that creates swarms of Bats instead of Skeletons. Similar to her sister character (the Witch), the Night Witch walks across the battlefield while producing little groups of troops that are used to assault the enemy. Unlike the slower Skeletons, the bats can fly, move very fast and rush across the field to attack anything in sight. They have near identical stats to Skeletons. Another slight difference is that she herself can’t attack Air. This doesn’t mean she is defenseless though as she can always summon bats to help her out when people are attacking from above! Her key advantage is that she can summon an army of aerial units to combat ground troops without taking damage or even losing her summoned troops. This makes the staying power of a bat army vastly superior to the easily destroyed Skeletons.

Night Witch

How do I Use Her?

The Night Witch has to be used differently then the normal Witch. The Witch uses Skeletons to shield and put distance between herself and the opponent, acting behind the scenes and shooting magic at aerial troops. Night Witch loses the advantage of staying back and being behind cover. Because of this, it’s imperative to realize the Night Witch is far more vulnerable to ground based assaults. This coupled with fact she only targets one enemy at a time instead of using splash damage can be quite challenging if she is not used correctly. She is EASILY defeated by troops such as the executioner.

Her perks though more than make up for it when used effectively! Many troops are unable to defeat the Night Witch without a bad elixir trade-off and even help empower her! For instance, launching a Night Witch against a Giant causes the summoned bats to bunch together and create a powerful aerial army! Even powerful troops like the P.E.K.K.A. can fall to her. She can take a P.E.K.K.A. hit giving her more time to summon bats. On death she even spawns three new bats. This means a P.E.K.K.A. would be defenseless against a 7-9 bat army by the time Night Witch has fallen. Because of this, even traditional tanks can fall to this 4 elixir card!

Night Witch Strategies

It’s very clear that as a recent addition, she is creating new ways to play and a more nuanced battlefield in the upper levels.

These strategies are good starter techniques for making the Night Witch a force of terror on the battleground.

Strategy: Hold the Lines!

With 4 bats, the Night Witch can take out almost ANY ground-targeting troop. Add in the cheap elixir cost and she is great at giving a positive elixir trade off in confrontations. Unfortunately, since the bats are so weak, a Crown Tower will destroy them quickly (Meaning that unless bats are summoned in a group, they can’t reach the tower).

For this strategy, wait until the opponent has picked a lane. If he sets a tank down simply spawn the Night Witch at back of a Crown Tower. This gives extra time for her to summon beasts and create a mini army. Just a small group of bats is incredibly effective against the average ground attacking or building attacking troop. One obnoxious unit that is easily foiled by the creepy bat queen is the balloon. Just 2 bats make quick work of it, often before it can arrive at the tower. She plays a defensive role similar to that of a Mini P.E.K.K.A. Quickly deploying and finishing off almost ANY unit.

If they spawn a ground troop that is a little bit faster and less capable of soaking up damage, feel free to drop the Night Witch into combat. She is very effective at killing most units without losing much life.

Bonus Tip: If a goblin barrel is thrown, it is a perfect time to launch Night Witch behind a Crown Tower. This insures she will attack the goblins but the few precious seconds spent killing enemies around the Crown Tower can extend her life and help build a summoning army.

Strategy: In Death There is Honor

The goal with bats is to use them in such a way that they go unharmed and slowly build up in numbers. While they are very weak, they have decent enough attack and incredible speed. Once you have 6 or more bats, it can be a little bit overwhelming for your opponent. Using something to distract the enemy (Such as a Tank) can allow the bats to swarm above and murder anything nearby. Bats are basically Skeletons but instead of being expected to die, they can survive many different types of enemies that can’t attack the air.

Add to this that she spawns three bats upon death and you have a great strategy for mopping up the enemy. Natural pairings such as using a Miner with the Night Witch can be very powerful. While the Miner takes damage, the bats can also attack a crown tower or enemy.

If you are under assault and need a strong defense, look for a troop that unable to attack the air (Such as a Prince) and spawn the Night Witch nearby. When Night Witch poofs away, she leaves three bats behind. These bats act similar to the card tombstone and can quickly kill a unit.Even a unit like Sparky, which can kill the Night Witch in one shot, is brought down by her death summoned bats. Experiment and see what works for you. Night Witch can counter Prince, Hog Rider, Goblins, Archers, Goblin Shooter, and many other cards. She is very versatile!

How to Counter the Night Witch!

Countering the Night Witch isn’t the easiest thing in the world. It is a very powerful and versatile card. Several more popular options are:

Counter: The Executioner

Basically, this lone card is great at destroying her flying minions and also keeping Night Witch from even reaching him. Unlike the normal Witch, since Night Witch has not ranged attack, she is almost useless against the Executioner.

Counter: The Tornado

This spell will distract the Night Witch and with the help of your towers, neutralize the intruder. After she is taken down, her bats will be easily done.

Counter: Lightning

High level lightning can kill the Night Witch. Still bats will spawn so this must be done with caution!

Counter:  The Kite Runner

Some cards can distract the Night Witch (Such as Ice Golem). If she is approaching a lane, you can distract her and drag her across the map to the other side. If done right (A building also works), she can be dispatched by Crown Towers and other troops.

What’s a Night Witch Deck Look Like?

We hope you enjoyed this guide, look for our Night Witch guide soon to see what decks are complimented by this incredible Card. As a new card there are a ton of fascinating strategies being developed and new Deck ideas. Our guide will show you some great starter options for taking the Night Witch to a whole new level!

And as always if this helped you, we’d love to hear in the comments or be shared among friends and family who play Clash Royale. Smash the like button, share this article with friends, and until next time…





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