Clash of Clans Builder Base AI Broken

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We all grew up with the simple troop targeting mechanic in Clash of Clans that was reliable and logical all the way – except some weird moves of the Heroes but still, it was predictable. Today, after we all play the Builder Base as well, we can just say that about the troop pathing in the Home Village and in this article I want to put together some things regarding the pathing of troops in the Builder Base during Versus Battles which is, frankly spoken, way off.Clash of Clans Gems

Troop Pathing in Builder Base

Versus Battles promised something really interesting with the smaller and yet more surgical and tactical battles, due to fewer troops and defenses. I fell in love with that new mode right away and still enjoy it a lot, but right now there are some WTF-moments that really spill my cup of soup.

If you look at the top players in the leaderboard of Versus Battles you see not that much difference compared to the bases you see around 4,000 trophies. Pushing Trophies was a painful endurance task in the Home Village, but with Versus Battles it meant to become a more skillful thing. In general, I want to point out that you need excellent timing and deployment skills and you will be on top of the leaderboard as this will make such a huge difference.

Now, the thing I (and probably most of you) are suffering is not the lack of understanding how the troops and defenses work in the Builder Base, it’s the weird pathing that sometimes just let you doubt your own sanity.

Example? Sure, check this here. There’s no reason why the Archers walk straight into the Crusher:

Unfortunately, there are tons of examples like that which get really frustrating when your attack fails due to such a heavy misbehavior from the troops and not mistakes you do yourself during the attack.

Supercell doesn’t provide any information about how the AI (artificial intelligence) of the troops work and it’s very unlikely they ever will share more detailed information. All we can say with certainty is that the troops behave differently in the Builder Base compared to the Home Village.

Are Walls the problem?

When starting off playing Versus Battles in the Builder Base after the release of it back in May 2017, many of you probably had the same moments like I had when seeing troops, especially Archers and Giants, ignoring the walls and walking huge distances.

In my opinion, the walls penalty are the reason for this whole behavior. Every wall has a penalty, which means that it will add a distance between the troops position and the first target behind it – this will determine of a troop will walk a longer distance towards a building that’s not behind a wall or start hitting the wall. In terms of the Builder Base, this penalty is a lot bigger than in the Home Village – you have been seeing this when your Giants walk around half of a base in layouts like this one here:


anti 3 star base layout for builder hall 5 coc


In this layout, Boxer Giants would never hit the wall on the back of the base and always walk around it.

The reason why Supercell is doing that is simple and reasonable. They want that funneling and deployment timing will get a bigger aspect of Versus Battles to create a real game mode and not just a “lite” version of existing battles.

The problem with it is, that the Giants and the Archers are not working that well with this higher penalty which leads to many weird situations.

You can see this clearly here when the Battle Machine targets the Firecrackers which is the closest building in raw distance.


builder base pathing AI clash of clans


It seems to ignore all the other buildings in the path to it but it will walk around the walls instead of destroying them.

I know that all of this is no hard evidence but it leads to the fact that there is a gap between the targeting and walking around walls that causes this problem.

The Solution?

Identifying a problem is only the first step, but without any further steps it’s useless for us – unfortunately there is not a single small word of Supercell out there saying that they will work on it, even not that they are aware of it – and posts regarding this topic are getting more and more every single day on the official forum.

Well, if you are playing Clash of Clans for a longer period you know that updates in summer are really rare sue to the company vacation of Supercell and we never got more than a small balancing update in the period of July/August in the past years since the release of the game.

With that being said, I only have a small hope that this will get addressed very soon and I fear that we have to wait until the September/October update cycle until we see a bigger new feature like balanced pathing.

What are your feelings? Is this pathing just a irregular thing that is ok for you or is this something you want fixed as soon as possible?

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