Clash of Clans Update Brings New Abilities, Buildings, Troops, and More

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  • Supercell has released a major update for Clash of Clans
  • It brings a number of new features like buildings, troops, etc.
  • The update is available in Android and iOS platforms

The blockbuster mobile MMO strategy video game Clash of Clans has received a significant update (version 9.24.1) that brings a number of new features like new buildings, new power abilities, new battle modes, troops, and game mechanics. The parent company Supercell announced that the new features are currently available with the update on both Android and iOS platforms.

Coming to the new features, Supercell has added 'The Archer Tower's' switch toggles between fast attack or long range and 'The Multi Mortar's' multi-barreled attack while attacking on buildings. In addition, you will now see new designs for the buildings: Crusher, Push Trap, Gem Mine, and Clock Tower. There are even new abilities like 'Sneaky Archer' and 'Boxer Giant' for the upgraded troops inside your kingdom. New abilities will be enabled for new troops that have come with this update - 'Bomber' and 'Cannon Cart'.

The Clash of Clans players will also be delighted to see a new hero arriving with the new update. Called the 'Master Builder', this new hero will join your ongoing fight after getting unlocked at 'Builder Hall 5'. It comes with the 'Electric Hammer' ability to counter the enemies.

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