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 I’m sure that any Clash Royale player sooner or later got to the point to search the internet for a way to get free Gems without spending money. The problem is there are many fake services out there that will either scam you, get you on malicious email lists that will spam your or even endanger your Clash Royale account to get banned.

Nobody wants that!

The good news! There is a way that will let you earn free Gem.

  • You don’t need a Credit Card or a PayPal account
  • No matter in which country you live (USA, Europe, India, Indonesia, etc.) – this works for everyone
  • No email address or any other personal data needed
  • 100% Working and compliant with Clash of Clans – no need to fear a ban

of course this would also work for Google Play Gift Cards, but I use iTunes

In total, that’s more than $200 worth of gift cards that I used to buy 28,000 Gems with – without spending one single dollar of my own in just one month!

Are you ready? I will now show you step-by-step how it works. This whole thing works smooth – I will show you some apps that you need to install (which are free and you can delete them after a couple of minutes again) and you will earn credits for that.

Before you start! (Important!)

The first step before you can start earning free Gems from any country in the world is to sign up for the right tools.

Please make sure to download 1 app at each of them before you continue with this guide. If you’re already signed up at one of them, simply skip the step and get the other ones.

The 3rd and last tool I recommend is CashForApps. They are able to offer you a lot of free apps you can use to gain points, they also offer the $5 giftcards that are easier to get.

CLICK HERE to get CashForApps.


If you got set up with all 3 of them, you’re ready to continue. I really recommend you to use AppBountyFreeMyApps and CashForApps at the same time! Often times you will see a offer getting more points on one of them or also offers that you don’t see on the other ones.

I spend like 10 minutes a day doing all of them and get 3-4 giftcards per week easily.

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