Clash Royale' News: Balance Update Recently Released, Nerfs Elite Barbarians and Electro Wizards

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Other units receiving buffs from latest 'Clash Royale' balance update

There is a new balance update that is available for "Clash Royale" players to download, and it contains a variety of buffs and nerfs.

Beginning with the units who are getting nerfed a bit by the balance update, players should find that the Elite Barbarian is not quite as much of a handful as before.

The Elite Barbarian has been nerfed in two ways.

First off, their hitpoints have been reduced by 4 percent, so they will not be able to hang around as long as they were once able to. On top of that, the Elite Barbarian's initial attack will also come in just a tick slower than before, giving opponents more of an opportunity against this formidable unit.

The Electro Wizard is also being nerfed slightly. According to the changelog posted on the Supercell forums, the Electro Wizards were apparently dealing more damage and providing more control than what was intended for them. Because of this, developers have opted to change this unit's hit speed to 1.8 to help balance things out.

Furnaces in the game have also been nerfed, with their hitpoints being lowered by 5 percent.

On the other end of the spectrum are the units that have been buffed up courtesy of the latest "Clash Royale" balance update.

The Goblin Hut, for instance, now features more 5 percent more hitpoints inside the game and the developers noted that this tweak was made in part so that this unit can now receive more consideration from the players together with the aforementioned Furnaces.

Lumberjacks are receiving 4 percent more hitpoints as well to help them last longer in the game.

Lastly, developers have also buffed up the damage output of the Executioners significantly, so players may want to look into using more of these units in the game.


More news about other updates coming to "Clash Royale" should be made available soon.

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