Update equipment | March update has been implemented, to see how strong the super pickup

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The March update has been completed in the construction equipment, the super pickup master level 8 base camp, waiting for you to experience.
The main contents of this update are as follows:

 New race: Super PICA


Some new buildings: Tesla super electromagnetic tower

To all the highest level increases to 16 units

* war machine highest level increases to 25

8, the increase in the number of buildings

To match the reward limit raised to 5000 cups

It can be adapted for multi home mortar mortar

To all levels of life to enhance the value of the 10% skull balloons

12 level secret archer's cloak duration reduced from 10 seconds to 8 seconds.


 New tribal competition challenge project

To add a personal achievement: Champion

To reward according to the number of tribes in the tribal race to unlock, you can get the corresponding tribal tribal experience after competitions

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