TH12 War Base & Trophy Farming Base Layouts

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Find here monthly updated base layouts for Town Hall 12 to use in Clan War, Trophy Pushing or Farming

Town Hall 12 uses the same buildings (except the additional Hidden Tesla and the Workshop) as TH11, but the Giga Tesla inside the Town Hall and especially the Siege Machines require some adaptions in base design. I gathered together the latest solid base designs for TH12, War Base Layouts and Farming Base Layouts

Before I start, I’d like to give you some advice. If you choose to use an internet base layout – they sometimes get very popular, so people learn to handle and beat them. It always helps to adapt them a little bit.

Make sure to adapt the trap setup after taking these bases:

Town Hall 12 War Base & Trophy Base Layouts July 2018

TH 12 War Base Layout Anti 3-Star

This base here has multiple features that protect stars effectively. There are the Single-Mode Inferno Towers in the left and right corners that make a Queen Walk impossible there and too many single target defenses at the bottom. In addition, the paths in the middle plus the way how the buildings are spread make controled funneling quite tough and will help you preventing a 3-Star, especially if you upgraded your Town Hall 12 to 5-Star.




town hall 12 war base clash of clans anti 3-star



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