Base Types in clash of clans

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In clash of clans, creating bases and new layouts is one of the most integral parts of playing. It is what keeps things alive, and most of all, keeps the game exciting and fun for all of us. Our base is what protects our hard earned resources or maintains the prestige of a high trophy count. And that is why it is so important to have a good base.


This guide aims to give an overview of intermediate principles and considerations when designing a base. It goes over different base types and their strategies, as well as providing insight into elements necessary for a good base. This guide assumes one knows the basics of base design.


Base Types


In building a good base, the first step is to decide on what your goal is. In general, there are three types of bases (excluding a fourth type, which is just a bad base).


This base aims to maximally protect resources in order to speed up the rate in which a player can upgrade buildings and in general, progress to higher levels and Town Halls.


This base aims to achieve the highest possible trophy count. Resource storages in this type of base are usually somewhat more vulnerable to attack, compared to farming bases.


This base aims to accomplish both the goals of farming and defensive bases. It aims to protect both resources and trophies. In this base, the Town Hall is usually not centered, but not completely exposed either. Resources are adequately protected.

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