Haypi Monster Version 1.2

Author:Haypi Monster Release time:2013-4-20 22:10:53 hits:1129

 New Features

1. A new element, Ice, has been added.
2. 15 new monsters have been added: Glacie, Glazelle, Glaze, Yaki, Yeti, Evergreen, Lupus, Freezy, Fragician, Trunky, Chunky, Crystal, Snoe, Blubbie and Splashy.
3. 17 new skills have been added: Super Fire Bomb, Lethal Powder, Super Thunderstorm, Icicle, Ice Bullets, Avalanche, Aurora Borealis, Chill, Ice Armor, Ring of Ice, Subzero, Blizzard, Ice Beam, Fog, Snowflakes, Massive Boulder, and Exhaust.
4. 4 monster skills have been added: Flame Trap, Drown, Toxic Stake, and Shake.
5. 5 new mystery talents have been added: Frost Aura-I, Frost Aura-II, Frost Aura-III, Nightmare, Spreading Flames and Frigid.
6. 2 new scenes have opened: Frozen Cavern and Chaotic Swamp.
7. Collection Progress for ice-type monsters is now available.
8. A new weather type, Blizzard, has been added.
9. The monster level cap has been raised to 50.
10. Rune gems can now be upgraded.
11. A new debuff, Lethal Poison, has been added.
12. 2 new items are now available: the Rune Gem Chest and the Skill Book Chest.
13. Weather-changing skill books can now be rewarded in Veteran Mode.
14. Skelly and Splashy can be purchased with honor points in the Encyclopedia (when players have met the monthly PVP score requirement).
15. New tasks have been added.

1. Unlocking the fourth combat slot will no longer cost coins.
2. 9 VIP progress points are given to all players.
3. The purchase requirements for Roco and Lava have been adjusted.
4. The reward for logging in consecutively for 5 days will now be a Rune Gem.
5. The maximum number of bag slots has been increased to 80.
6. Players can see obtainable items in Team Mode.
7. New daily tasks have been added.
8. Some daily tasks will now award extra Veteran/Expert mode challenge attempts.
9. The PVP Arena now offers more rewards.
10. Seasonal and monthly PVP scores have now been changed to monthly and weekly PVP scores, respectively.
11. Expert Mode will now reward skill book chests of the corresponding element instead of any specific book.
12. Haypi Monster will now save temporary data. If a player is disconnected or closes their app during a challenge, they will be able to continue the challenge by logging in immediately afterwards.
13. NPC AI has been improved.
14. The mystery talent system has been improved. Purchased monsters can now have mystery talents.
15. Certain weather effects have been changed.
a) During a sandstorm, all monsters that are not fire or earth-type experience a decrease in their hit rating.
b) During a blizzard, the dodge rating of ice and water-type monsters increases.
16. A critical hit now does 200% damage instead of 150%.
17. The powers of the skills Solar Smite, Water Torrent and Psychic Thrust have been raised to 120 while their hit ratings have been increased to 90%.
18. Bugs on some mystery talents have been fixed: Penetrate, Unbending, Adaptability, No Guard and Adrenaline.
19. Small changes have been applied to mystery talent Pressure: the additional PP loss has been increased from 1 to 2.
20. The damage dealt by Ambush has been adjusted
21. Purity can now have the mystery talent Flush.
22. Skelly and Kreepie can now have the mystery talent Nightmare.

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