Clash of Clans tribal war game layout paper (3)

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 The novice must styles gigantic loser road to riches

  What? So many resources?! Oh! Catch fish!?

  The more time you should be so! Only one archer, can obtain a large amount of resources!

1 little investment, high income, is it right? Have a great sense of achievement?

The 2 rivals will feel the thunder roll never dared not to build walls, so they spent a large amount of funds to the enemy

  See the opponent, must send at least 3 more troops to tell him, in fact we can burst his chrysanthemum! (though I have shot) my archers strengthened, I will watch? Attack on the special arms! Each battle, with only one enough! Shoot him 2 minutes is enough!

There are novices in asked, if only to send a soldier, not to do any opponent resources??? Never mind, I tell you, 25 inputs are often let their losses more! No picture I say 78? Note at right place under the angle of black smoke billowing, the goblin to fast thunder is not sharp ears speed rushed into the enemy camp, he also detonated 2 mines!!! 25 enemy loss 1000

  I believe you will soon become like me! Resources be inexhaustible! Rookie defensive, and the opponent is poorer than, temporarily without considering like me to defense, I was being robbed of money I just built so many walls. Come on, teenager who

  Many novice asked again, that a soldier is for? I tell you, the first soldier is to cut the gun! Just a soldier, you can do the enemy guns! At the same time to attack the enemy's position, more important is to cripple the enemy's spiritual world!


  To cut down our army artillery! Send another brother brin! Together against the enemy vault! Let money such as the surging river stretches without a break!!! Also is very low input, high-yield offensive theory.

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