Analysis of the tribal war hero, gigantic loser king should upgrade

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0, the first feeling of doubt, "most probably it did not actually happen" things, the truth behind.

Topic is the hero upgrade to savage, for example, between 1 and 30. The intermediate state, linear interpolation. Interested friends can according to COC China, a post illustrated, with a Excel table, the graphs.

1, hero upgrade and general forces upgrade is completely different.

The hero is a unit, but also a construction unit "barracks and camps". The general forces upgrade, enhance the ability at the same time, improve the manufacturing price, production time constant. Hero upgrade, enhance the ability at the same time, not to raise prices, but improve the manufacturing time.

Because of the "gas and water resources was originally used to make soldiers after the robbery, but often can recover the cost. No one's going to care about to spend more resources, general force is sure to upgrade. Just imagine, if the general forces the upgrade will lead to reduced, production efficiency. Whether to upgrade is worth pondering. Analysis of gains and losses, not qualitative, must be quantitative analysis.

2, to make the gem, and an infinite number of people. Don't look down.

The total blood increased, the second injury promoted. Sleep time to enhance the also does not matter (because every second live Barbarian King). Even if not every seconds to live, at least each battle, can the accumulation of "total fighting capacity limit" upgrade. Although the attack rhythm drastically slow down. But there are individual cases, in the end, a spent force, he sent this knife, base hit down, all depends on hero level off phenomenon is also there. So even if you don't have unlimited gem, also cannot deny the hero level one hundred percent. (especially in the more than 3000 points and intend to continue year-round to stay more than 3000 points in the game player.)

From hero itself of both the "barracks run the function" functions, the effect is similar to the "barracks", at the expense of the cost, enhance the "accommodate cap camp". (why sacrifice barracks, see later.)

3, how to evaluate the comprehensive performance of the hero.

3.1, the overall combat capability of troops, can say the total damage is caused by the amount of from first to last. (ignore the ranking factors and operation skill) output time total damage = output efficiency *. (ignore the formation factors and batting order after the output time is proportional with the blood). So the troops fighting capacity, factor in the neglected kill order, = total attack * total blood volume.

3.2, for the general case of arms in the synergistic effect, can only play one of his strengths.

For example, Giant effect is not in its attack, but in the blood (or time) to cover the other "DPS occupation", this time. His attack force is increased to 10% utterly useless, if the blood increased 10% can play a role.

Of course there is Pekka and this is DPS, its meat is the occupation.

Which indicators are the core factors of the force, other forces you to see military establishment of more on what type of. Specific to the Barbarian King, which property accounted for the main factors, quantitative analysis and contrast Barbarian King "attack / blood ratio" is greater than your troops overall "attack / blood ratio". (extreme case, out of pure with 20 fat people mainly by the Barbarian King attack. Pure with 200 archers are mainly with the Barbarian King blood).

Under the condition of normal money (what is called a "normal" to another post, 1000 words say not clear, those who are interested can go sour), Barbarian King "work / blood ratio" is the overall situation and you force. Barbarian King is mainly used in his flesh. (Pekka in the same way, which is why pure with Pekka not, but also with Wizzard.)

When the defense is not to mention, not every day to see Pekka game player, the second injury of 150 and second injury 468 Barbarian King, the face of the enemy 'forces, can be said that no difference, are $1 A.

4, define the Barbarian King "performance", we can analysis, money whether to "upgrade".

Money to Barbarian King, is in need of every period of free labor. Whether free is not the key. The key lies in the increase production speed, the equivalent of a barracks building soldiers. The barracks for "comprehensive performance output rate" will be how to change?

4.1, a rough estimate output rate (blood / sleep time)

Lv01 =1500/60 =25 (DPS 150)

Lv30 =4678/234 =20 (DPS 468)

The second output is low. After the upgrade, the "additional barracks" blood production efficiency you decrease of 20%.

Analysis of 4.2, more precisely, it must refer to your overall configuration.

Cite a simple example (ignoring the operation technique and beaten order):

If you configure 220=barb20+archer80+goblin60+giant8+ forces (wb10), do not look at the wb.

The total output of =110*20+44*80+52*60+800*8=2200+3520+3120+6400=15240

Total Dps= 26*20+22*80+64*60+37*8=520+1760+3840+296=6416

Integrated damage =97779840,

On this basis, respectively, adding in the comprehensive ability.

Lv01 Barbarian King, the comprehensive performance of =16740*6566=109914840 (up to 12135000)

LV30 Barbarian King, the comprehensive performance of =19918*6884=137115512 (up to 39335672)

39335672/1213500=3.2415 < 3.9 = 234/60

Here we see? The conclusion is, based on existing forces, Lv30 "effect" is 3.2 times that of lv1. The usage of "LV1" is 3.9 times that of lv30. "The comprehensive performance of production efficiency" reduces 18% = (39-32) /39 (slightly less than the rough count 20%)

At the same time, we also see the total number of people, to enhance the effect of integrated combat capability is much. The population rose last, rapidly promote the comprehensive performance. One more LV30 Barbarian King, and no comparison, comprehensive performance is improved by more than 40%.

5, summary

5.1, I'm not talking about whether Blackwater, flower upgrade problem. But in discussing give away your lv30 heroes want to question.

5.2, I am not telling you, not to upgrade the barbarian king. But in tell everyone analysis method, according to their own situation, to analyze their own.

5.3, I don't just say Barbarian King, also is not only in the CoC, even is not only a game. But to tell you "everything, everything can quantitative analysis." No process of conclusion is questionable, to find the truth behind. The future of China can not appear "70 miles" phenomenon!Clash of Clans

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