Ruthless than crazy frog! 1 minutes and 15 seconds flow Dutch act 10 the two rough balloon

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 To use the simple and crude, the giant master 50%, but found each other to peripheral buildings are well preserved, there is also a guide array.

And then carefully observe this array, think of crazy frog balloon Dutch act recently found on the flow of play, just to meet this play. The 3 point home, just to have 2 electric shock taga 1 bug tower, the direction has been, and is close to.

It was also the direct double Wang tau, players get, can make smooth reading, hope that we can love.

The game features:

Selection criteria: bug tower or electric shock towers around the home, add up to at least 3, and the best on the same direction.

Line: must be able to choose the balloon route through the selected bug or shock tower tower, it is best to choose the one with them

Medicine: 3 violent 1 treatment, 2 wild onrush, 1 in the treatment. Finally, a violent must cover the home to the surrounding panorama, explosion.

Disposition: generally around 30 balloons, reinforcements to the dog. A small amount of dead grass root with clear edge, and can transfer force.

Make up a small increase in the proportion of: giant, or master, bow and arrow. Other buildings along the road to clean up the balloon, or the surrounding buildings, reaching 50%.

In addition, this has a few small details summary for your.

1, a lot of people with a double king kill reinforcements, before the next king and queen, in fact, this is not good, because the king must die very basic. While in the first after the Barbarian King, Queen, queen queen to open / close the reinforcements, stealth, and the barbarian king. To die.

2 Queen, don't put too close to bug tower or tower region specific shocks, can be through the investigation, the queen will go below them, or the dog ball hit you the queen did not discuss!


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