A brief analysis of eight wild boar stream game under the new version of tribal conflict

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 Update since, after a few MRO war experience, personal feeling new defense hairdryer influence on the eight dragon stream compared with nine of the ten the dog ball to, especially in the anti long array is becoming more and more common people consciousness to upgrade the air defense situation, our tribe by used of dragon ball the eight small partners play is simply appalling, end our streak, 28 Games brilliant record of the MRO war, is to lose in the eight three stars did not fill, eventually lost by two points. Can be seen in the present no simulation era, the eight Samsung rate will be the basis of the Ministry of war, eight can not be the basic of the Samsung and other rhythm of the.

In view of my eight the trumpet of several attempts, has gone through the stone flow, pig flow transition, or that the eight most stable is still pig flow and rock flow more pick array and time is tight, of course, can also try stone method and pig ending of the play, I will further trying.

This time with the following video, with you under the circumstances can not see the trap bombs, how to use the pig flow, for eight small partners learn from the reference.

First look at the formation


Play ideas as follows:

1, first anticipation of a big bomb position, based on the observation, defense is compact, bombs and pylons could only appear in the second direction and eleven o'clock in the space, which, in the second direction may appear double even fry. So the landlord to consider from six o'clock direction wave of the swine were to gather at twelve and even double even fry nor pig flow of necessary, can be completely avoided. So the array is suitable for swine flow.

2, signings, and the way to clean out the four points in the direction of the cannon and eight direction arrow towers to in order to ensure the pig flow installation plan the path. Don't scatter.

3, cock wire master kill aid, taking into account the Barbarian King is in front of the peripheral, consider first kill the Barbarian King, number of pigs saved save is the Barbarian King chasing killed.

4, from the five points, seven points were placed two wave of the swine, to avoid the attention of the collector and quite in the middle of the throne of space, lest it be spring walk.

5, in the three points and nine points at two mage tower near the advance on the treatment of treatment, pay attention to cover as much as possible more defense, which in pigs, the route to ensure pigs can more restoration of blood volume.

6, in the headquarters of the tower near the tower placed third treatment, the location of the hair dryer next to the space, because this is the pig's route, the space department may have a bomb. And the space near the cabin, although there may be a row bomb, but not the only way the pig, if the tower then put two bombs.

7, the remaining master end, wait for the samsung.

However, the imagination is beautiful, the reality is always cruel, and the building lord predict a big bomb and electric tower a not accurate, I am also drunk, especially three electric tower position really Yin person. As to the double bomb, the landlord swear purely luck, now is not possible to see the trap drip, when I was stunned for a few seconds...

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