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Hog Rider is one of the most well-known troops in Clash of Clans. I remember at the first time I used Hog Rider, I was falling in love with him immediately. And I think all Clash of Clans players are like me.

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Hog Rider Summary

  • The Hog Rider is a crusty man with black skin, bare-cheasted, has a brown leather loincloth, leather sandals, red belt and mohawk. He rides a hog which was tamed. Because of his achievements, all troops in game give him a gold earring and two golden wristbands. He brings a warhammer for every raid.
  • His hog is very smart, it can jumps over the walls without using Jumping Spell. This is one of the best congenital skills of troops in game.
  • He has quite high Damage Per Second and HP.
  • His favorite target is defensive building. He will bypass all other buildings until those defensive structures are all down. Even when the Clan troops come out, Hog Riderswill not change the target to them.
  • Once all defenses are down, Hog Rider will attack the nearest building.
  • He cannot attack air units.
  • You can unlock Hog Rider at Town Hall 7 with Dark Barrack level 2.
  • Hog Rider has much HP as a same level Giant but he can move twice faster and does more damage.
  • He is handsome and his hog is cute.
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