Easiest Way to Master/Champion in Clash of Clans

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First of all I'd like to give a big shoutout and thanks to Haakan aka Noobs Revenge aka H the Terrible for making this all possible as well as Bryce aka Marine_Madness for some helpful editing 

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For starters I cannot guarantee champion unless you have ALL of the following with no exceptions, Town hall level 10, 4 maxed army camps, maxed spell factory, lightning spell level 5+, clan castle level 5, and most importantly maxed arch. I can't stress enough that any other buildings besides those DO NOT MATTER if you are looking purely for cups. Even with maxed defense's at the champion level you will lose every time on defense. The key is to gain at least 30 once your shield runs out before you log out to go on defense. This will ensure that even if you get beat for 15 cups on defense you are still in the green for cups gained on that day. 

Being that I know it's not realistic to have everyone with all the above buildings leveled and maxed those of you with town hall 9 can still make it to master 3 with ease and even up to master 1. For this to be possible the following will be needed to ensure maximum results. Town hall 9, All 4 camps maxed(220 spaces), spell factory maxed (4 spaces), clan castle level 4+ (25 spaces), lightning level 4+ (preferably level 5) and again the most important thing MAXED ARCH. (Lv 5 Archers will get them to Master 3, but not Champion) None of this is possible without maxed arch so please do your best to at least get those. Do not fear if you don't have all of the following listed above, I reached master 3 with only 205 spaces in my army camps. 

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