Tribal conflict ten protection resources array! Beautiful symmetrical firepower distribution

Author:cheap coc gems Release time:2015-6-2 22:11:01 hits:534

This few days didn't do other devoted to the study of patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) special formation, the first appearance, the second symmetric, the third fire have uniform distribution, it is difficult to ah!

  At first nine this time is to send its own original formation, the repercussions very in a big way, their own fish were found to many with me that nine of the formation, and then their ten, obsessive-compulsive disorder to the, no suitable on their own research.

  Before two of ten of the original, and now is in the third quarter, the formation dad tower did not protect the nine library reservoir, however, scattered, only firepower is uniform, hope you like, slim will continue to give better for everyone formation!


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