TH10 with MAXED defense LVL 168

Author:buy coc gems Release time:2015-6-4 8:55:03 hits:655

I would like to sell my second account because I have no time to play with two account.

Its a TH10 but you can see on uploaded pictures.

Some info before you check the pictures.

Level: 168
Builders: 5
Defense: Maxed
Barbar King: LVL 21
Archer Queen LVL32 (just got today)
Walls: 81-LVL9 and 169-LVL10
Gold Grab: 1 352 486 814
Elixir Esc: 1 367 958 435
Heroic Heist: 6 076 045
Donations: 234 198

Some troops/spells are very weak since I never used them.
Giants: LVL4
Barbars: LVL6
Goblins: LVL4
Lightning: LVL5
Jump: LVL2

I looking for serious buyer only.
Stay away: Scammers/Timewasters/

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