How to win 100 Clan Wars by V_PL

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How to win 100 Clan Wars by V_PL

In our Clan we recently reached 100 Clan War wins. Needless to say that we all are very happy about that, not only from the result of 100 war wins, but also because we have had great wars where we were clear underdogs but still came out on top. And I am here to tell you that you also can create a very good Clan and get to 100 war wins like we did. Since there is no definite way to win Clan War in Clash of Clans, I will give you 8 Tips that made us get to 100 war wins. Use them, and you will very soon be popping the Champagne as well!

Establishing a good Clan War culture of everyone contributing to our continuous results is the main part that I am such a big fan of our Clan. We grow from every war and everyone is very dedicated. Getting there, though, has been full of rejections of decent players and members we have had for a long time. It is not easy seeing people who were a part of the Clan for more than a year leave in fury due to the criticism they were getting about their war contribution. But it has been required to build this great culture of a winning mentality and of being dedicated to the war win cause. Now we have a great community with people who wish to develop their skills as an individual player and as a team, and saying goodbye to some of our best players was productive to establish this group of players. As a baseline you need a culture of joint Clan War improvement in your Clan to reach a great level of war tactics and strategies, and this article will help you build such culture. Here is how we did it.

1) Learn from what works!

You don’t need to invest new strategies all the time to be the best. There is SO much information about how to attack, how to make a strong Clan War base and how to compose an army. Furthermore, for every war you play or more importantly, for every war you lose, you can learn a lot from your own failures and your clan mates’ failures. Watching your own and your clan mates’ replays is really beneficial. I have learned a lot from a clan mates’ attacks, because he started 3-starring a lot and from replaying his attacks, I could do pretty much the same strategies and provide my Clan with even more 3-star attacks. Therefore, keep up to date with your favorite YouTubers, and read every guide here on, there is a lot of useful stuff!

Also, I would like to mention that we absolutely love when an opponent plays really well. Sometimes we jump over there and congratulate them, and I think that we ALL remember every time our top 3 players get 3-starred. We all remember the strategy, the troop combo, hero levels etc.

2) Critique each others’ attacks and defenses – and accept the critique to get 100 Clan War wins

Having fresh eyes look at your failures is a very good thing. It might be intimidating, but establishing a way to say what you think your clan mates do wrong can help you so much. You don’t have to agree, but simply considering what you might have done wrong is a good line of thought.

One of our players who took off due to critique. It is hard to
see a player like this go, but when it is not meant to be, it is not meant
to be

Criticizing what you have done wrong is not the only way though: Every time we watch a great new video or learn new stuff, could be a new attacking strategy or adapting to an update (like quickly integrating the new Air Sweeper in our base layout), we share it, and we all use those new features really fast!

3) Organize your preparation for Clan War

Organization is good, because you can plan what you want to do. We use to organize our attacks, that way we know that we peacefully can prepare an attack on the attacker we want. We started using not long ago, but it has helped us organize our wars a lot. In the more detailed organization we focus a lot on delivering clan war requests quickly. That means being very fast at delivering troops for attacks, but we also make sure that everyone EVERY time has their clan castle full in their defense, even if it means that someone half an hour before the war start has to spend 40 gems on boost and 5k Dark Elixir on troops.

4) Fail, and fail a lot! – But fail trying!

If there is one thing we hate in our clan it is not having the feeling that someone really is trying! We would rather see our best players make 1-star attacks when aiming for 3, than aiming for 2 stars. Especially new players must try the things that we know for sure that you must do: For instance, dragon attacks are okay sometimes, but in the long run you must learn stronger strategies like GoWiWi, GoWiPe, and GoLaLoonion; If we don’t see our new members trying to learn 3-star attacking strategies, they are not playing with us for very long.

5) No Rushers!

This is in many ways a very basic tip, but no good will every come from having a rushed player in your clan wars. They will not provide enough stars, they will easily give stars away and they have a bad influence on the Clan War Matchmaking.

6) …or Hoppers

This one is also basic and somewhat hard to counteract, but Hoppers will make it hard to create a war winning culture. You need to be in it for the long run, because you need to try and fail enough times to create good habits for war wins!

7) Playing well is much more valuable than winning!

This one is very important (all of the tips are actually crucial though…). Even though you want as many war wins as possible, you don’t actually only want the war wins. What you want is to be in a position that can bring you wins, you want excellent attacking skills and a continuously stronger base. By this I mean that you would rather want to be able to spot where an opponent hides his traps than use 30-seconds glitches to find them and you are much better off being able to 3-star any base organically than use illegal tools to try out a million times before you actually attack. Having the skills is what makes your Clan successful! There will come a time where Supercell will make it impossible to use these tools and where you will need the superior skills to win. Relying on cheats to do the work will bring not make you a good clan war clan! Because believe me, at one point your opponents start getting freaking hard, and at that point you need good skills!

Our best clan war start this month! At this point everyone was
getting scared of not making a 3-star attack

I would like to say on a side note that our Clan Leaders absolutely hate losing. They get furious every time we lose, but they know that we have to fail sometimes… part of the game!

Read a great guide here on advanced Clan War scouting.

8) If you can’t take both attacks, say it in advance

This is bottom line crucial. Every player needs to take both attacks, and if you for some reason have doubts that you will be able to do so, you should report it in advance, so a co-leader won’t select you for the upcoming clan war.

So, there you have it. We did it, and so can you!

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