Become the Ruler of the Wander in KungFu Master 3D – House of Heroes

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Start the career and become the Ruler of the Wander in the blockbuster of this summer – a mobile role - playing game: KungFu Master 3D – House of Heroes. Published by MobGame, KungFu Master 3D – House of Heroes is an enchanting fantasy RPG filled with dynamic characters and vibrant battle sequences.

KungFu Master 3D – House of Heroes

The game begins in troubled times, good and evil in a jumble. All heroes and strange man in KungFu World can't keep themselves from being implicated. Player – A sect's Master will gradually win the popularity and conquer the KungFu World as one of five Sects: Shaolin, Emei, Beggars, Evil, Five Poisons, Xiaodao. Throughout the adventure, players will recruit and train other favorite and strong heroes to make as strongest squad as possible then lead them to defeat all other enemies to conquer the KungFu World.


KungFu Master 3D – House of Heroes has four main game modes:

Adventure: travel through the Wander with unlimited stages to defeat enemies, recruit heroes, see the Master and purchase rare items and weapons to equip for your warriors.

Boss Raid:

  • Western Venom Boss: Join real – time Boss Slayer and receive the only reward for the only hero who last hit the boss.
  • Dark Woodcliff: Join to increase your morale to get advantage in battles

PvP Arena: Challenge other players and reach highest place to get especially rewards and being honor.

Battlefield: Join to fight crossing server with all other players and receive legendary gems to increase power of items and weapons.

Kungfu Master 3D – Owned platform of advanced graphics, 3D effect extremely impressed and spectacular. Abundant combat system, attracting players after a short-time experience

KungFu Master 3D – House of Heroes

Owns a formation of heroes with 154 famous heroes from the renowned novel of Louis Cha such as: Dugu Qiubai, Dongfang Bubai, Xiao Feng, Guo Jing, Yang Guo, Ling Hu Chong…

Martial arts secrets recipe: Dugu Nine Sword, Flying Dragon…, Legendary weapons: Dragon Slaying Blade, Heavy Iron Sword, Dog Beating Staff…, power increasing system: Power Pill, Meridian, Pet… Everything all be presented in Kungfu Master 3D!

KungFu Master 3D – House of Heroes has officially launched in May 2015, became one of MobGame's most successful titles. Downloaded hundreds of thousands times, the game has consistently remained a top ten grossing app in South East Asia.

KungFu Master 3D – House of Heroes is available for free download on Apple Store and Google Play. For more information, visit the game's Fanpage or Website.

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