Boom Beach Coordinate attacks against the blackguard together

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Task Force Multiplayer

Coordinate attacks against the blackguard together! You can find all available information about the Task Force here.

The social and multiplayer aspect of Boom Beach is called ‘Task Force’. You can create or join a Task Force and fight the Blackguard together! Only this time the Blackguard is not located on one of the islands but you are going to fight him on the mainland. Together you can attack the Blackguard bases and not only destroy as many Power Cores as you can, but also gather up as many pieces of Intel as possible. Gathering Intel will allow you to uncover the Blackguard mainland. Use your intel and chat with your Task Force to pick the right targets!

Task Force 1

Task Force Facts

  • Task Forces are available from Headquarters level 6.
  • A Task Force can have four different player sizes: 5, 10, 25 and 50 members.
  • A starting Task Force can hold only 5 members, you can choose to raise it to 10, 25 or 50 members at max.
  • When you raise your Task Force’s maximum member size, you can not decrease it again!!!
  • The bigger the Task Force, the more difficult operations it can take, and therefore get greater rewards. But coordinating an attack with so many players definitely shall increase the difficulty.
  • Every Task Force can create an unique Hashtag ID. For Example #pbb. These Hashtags can be used to find a specific Task Force.
  • The symbol of your Task Force can be edited. You can choose between lots of options for Background, Middle and Foreground. Therefore your Task Force symbol will be quite unique, there are 3.360 variations possible!!
  • Perform operations to earn Force Points. The players in the Task Force work together to take down Blackguard Factories.
  • Operations display “too easy”, “easy”, “normal”, “hard” or “impossible” based on your Task Force’s strength.
  • Previous operations can be viewed from the operations map.
  • You can spend Intel to sabotage defensive buildings. Which building get destroyed is randomly chosen.
  • There are three ranks that people in a Task Force can have:
  • Leader: Can start Operations, promote other members, kick other members and edit Task Force info.
  • Officer: Can start Operations and kick other members.
  • Member: Cannot start Operations, promote other members or kick other members.
  • You can leave base notes for the other Task Force members. In this way you can advise about attacking stategies or give them a heads up about a dangerous route.

Task Force 2

Intel Explained

Only when you are in a Task Force your victories provide a chance to get Intel. If Intel is rewarded then it will be contributed to your Task Force. The total of all Intel within the Task Force is needed to start operations. When you leave the Task Force, your Intel will remain with the Task Force. You don’t take it with you.

Task Force 3


When an operation ends you receive a reward. This reward is called “operation reward”. This operation reward is delivered to your home base by a captured Blackguard freighter when the operation ends. Every Task Force member gets an operation reward, irrespective of the damage they deal during the operation. Also the amount of operation reward depends on the success of the operation and your XP level.

Victory Points - Rewards

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