The Flamethrower is a close range weapon that deals huge amounts of damage

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The Flamethrower is a close range weapon that deals huge amounts of damage. It's especially deadly against massed infantry. Enemies will also burn for a while after being attacked by the Flamethrower.

Flamethrower Tips

  • The attacked enemy will burn for a five seconds, doing additional damage while burning.
  • The Flamethrower is deadly at close range.
  • Packed enemy troops are the perfect targets for the flamethrower.

Flamethrower Offensive Strategy

  • Be careful with Rifleman against a Flamethrower. Rifleman can’t take much from Flamethrowers.
  • Attack a Flamethrower with Troops with long range such as the Zooka, so the Flamethrower can not reach them.

Flamethrower Defensive Strategy

  • Flamethrowers are very effective against Troops with low health.
  • Sniper Towers behind Flamethrowers make up for the short range.
Building size
Preferred target
HQ Level 1-8
No Flamethrowers
HQ Level 9-10
1 Flamethrower
HQ Level 11-13
2 Flamethrowers
HQ Level 14-16
3 Flamethrowers
HQ Level 17-20
4 Flamethrowers


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