Can we buy gems from any of this websites

Author:boom beach diamonds Release time:2015-7-14 8:32:30 hits:652

i found some websites that they sell gems so cheap.
i know some members on my clan who they bought some gems and it worked for them 
I don't really know what is wrong or how it works. 
I thought I might be better of asking you guys in here before I buy 
also is there any way to buy cheap gems 
if not why is supercell not putting gems on sell some times 
thanks everyone

It's tempting to flame the OP, but I commend him for waiting and checking here, instead of diving head first into a scam. If it's looks to good to be true, it probably is. Common sense prevails OP, you can try do it.

Buying gems from any third party is restricted your account can get banned. Read the sticky once.

but sell gems can not get banned.thx.


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