Android Games Weekly 02/16/14: Shardlands, Boom Beach, Darkstone, Thief, Hitman GO

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Shardlands Makes It’s Way Over To Android

If you enjoy puzzle games and have a love for gorgeous visuals then you absolutely have to check out Shardlands. This graphically extravagant Puzzle/adventure game offers up more than just eye candy. You’ll have 25 total levels of puzzles to solve, and will have to avoid traps and contraptions while fending off otherworldly beasts. Shardlands is optimized for tablets so the gameplay on your Nexus 7 looks awesome, and it features intuitive controls and dynamic lighting to help make the gamers truly feel like they’re a part of this Alien World.  As a nice added touch, Shardlands has a unique ambient soundtrack to give the game some emotion. The game is free in the Play Store, and it looks as though you can play the entire game the whole way through, but it does have supported video ads. You can unlock the full game to remove the ads, plus it seems that by doing so you get a couple extras like an Epic boss Level and maybe some extra exploration. If you want to purchase and unlock the full game you can do so via the one time IAP for $4.12.

Supercell Brings Boom Beach To Android In March

SuperCell, the game studio behind the popular Clash of Clans on Android will be launching their third game this March called Boom Beach. It’s similar in style and genre but offers up plenty of new things for anyone who loves the game type. There are some differences with Boom Beach, and Supercell is referring to these decisions to make these elements of the game unique from their other titles as risky. According to the team over at Supercell and the game studios CEO, there aren’t any clans like in Clash of Clans, and you’ll experience a different type of combat. Expect the game to hit sometime in the next month, which sounds like it will also stick to the free model they have their other games setup on, with optional IAP for in-game related items.

Darkstone Is Getting A Mobile Reboot; Enter The Beta To Test It Before Launch7275-


Remember the classic action-rpg style dungeon crawler called Darkstone? Well, even if you don’t that’s ok. Because it’s getting a mobile reboot and you can become acquainted for the first time once it arrives. The action-rpg has yet to be released but it does have a beta you can sign up for to test out the game before it launches. The gameplay is said to offer up touch display tailored controls so we’re thinking something along the lines of a tap-to-move style. Darkstone will have 4 variable classes to choose from, with over 100 levels of hack and slash 3D action. If you want to try and get your hands on a beta download and be part of the beta testing group, head on over to the Google Group for the beta sign ups and follow the instructions.

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