Boom Beach Updated to 15.57.1

Author:Boom Beach Release time:2015-8-18 17:19:22 hits:515

Boom Beach just got a major update! The newest version of the game is 15.57.1 and here’s a look at some of the key changes in the game. Among the major changes are the daily reward, which increases with your victory points, the new undersea adventure mini-game, and the Shock Launcher, which is sure to have an impact on all those all-warrior rushes we’ve been employing so far.

Another major change is the snow-covered look of certain island bases in the Northern area of your map. Also, ice power stones will only appear in snow-covered bases.

Here’s the full list of changes and updates to the game:

Undersea Adventure

  • Hunt for treasure under the waves with a brand new Submarine!
  • Find dive locations on your map, and send the Submarine to retrieve sunken treasure

Shock and Awe

  • Give attackers a jolt with Shock Launcher, a new high-level defensive building
  • Enemy troops in the area of effect will be temporarily stunned. Stop rushing Warriors in their tracks!


For the War Effort

  • Your efforts to fight the Blackguard are now rewarded daily! More Victory Points give you a bigger reward
  • Added a special victory reward for raiding the top 3 players on the global leaderboard

Information Warfare

  • An all-new daily report in the Enemy Activity pane shows the number of times your home base was scouted, attacked and raided by the enemy
  • Victory reward of an enemy base is now visible as a map popup after the island has been scouted
  • Player opponent’s Victory Points are now visible when scouting
  • Mine damage is now displayed when scouting

Chill Out

  • A mysterious cold spell has swept across the archipelago, and ice now covers all islands in the Northern region of the map
  • Ice Power Stones only appear on frozen islands
  • Island graphics improved and optimized

Visual upgrades

  • New Rocket Launcher graphics
  • New graphics and visual tweaks for Boom Cannon and Cannon
  • Machine Gun graphics and effect tweaks
  • Rockets from rocket launcher and gunboat barrage now weave in-flight

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