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Clash of Clans has been attracting attention not just for its huge popularity with gamers, but for the enormous commercial success makers Supercell have enjoyed.

In 2013, Air Herald reported that Clash of Clans contributed to Supercell’s revenue of $892 million (on the back of just two games), and with daily revenue from Clash of Clans now predicted to be over $5 million, one can conclude they have crossed the billion dollar mark some time ago.

It turns out that the secret of Clash of Clans‘ success might be no secret at all. Clash of Clans, instead, is a demonstration of what can be achieved through a combination of smart marketing, consistent testing, and better execution than competitors of tried-and-tested core gameplay elements.

As Clash of Clans celebrated their third year anniversary, a recent report by Tech Times stated that Supercell went live to for an update that pays tribute to the Clash of Clans event. The developers offered one Gem boost for a whole week, and last week’s results were not at all disappointing to all those who experienced. And the developers did not intend to stop their gifts there.

Through this said gem boost offer, players that own a level 9 Town Hall are be able to boost up production to about two times the amount in six elixir collectors, two dark elixir collectors, six gold mines and two dark elixir drills with 14 gems. On the other hand, the more advanced players who also own a level 9 Town Hall have the privilege of doubling their production at seven elixir collections, three dark elixir drills and seven gold mines with simply 17 gems.
Of course, Clash of Clans, launched 30 years after Dune can draw on greater technology to keep fans hooked for longer. Experienced growth hacker (marketer) Nate Desmond explains that Clash of Clans sees developers able to continually test and roll out new game components. Continually chasing the next level of unit, building, and achievement, not only achieves coverage of those Clash of Clans features, but keeps players hooked for longer as it moves their goals further into the future.

Another proposed strategy would be the patience to not upgrade the Town Hall right away. As delivered by Day Herald, upgrading the Town Hall too early may not be a good option, especially if the base defense is still a bit weak. Spending the required loot for the Town Hall may be considered teasing, but many agreed that it is not the best choice. This way, the opposing clans will not immediately prey on the said Town Halls, as nany gamers have been noted to make the mistake of doing so.

With the game running strong after the past few years, Clash of Clans still looks to make further improvements to keep their spot as the number 1 mobile game of their generation.

Supercell have demonstrated, with Clash of Clans, that through a combination of tried-and-tested gameplay, taking advantage of the power of online gaming, constant testing, and better execution of a marketing strategy, a billion-dollar gaming empire can be forged. If Clash of Clans continues to be supported by well-tested upgrades, millions of dollars in advertising and live community events, we could see Clash of Clans near the top of the download charts for some time to come.

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