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Clash of Clans is a hugely popular PvP strategy title for the iPhone and iPad from developer Supercell. This Clash of Clans Strategy Guide will help you make more effective attacks, improve your defenses and maximize your gold, elixir and trophies.

Clash of Clans Attack Strategy

The attack strategy you choose in Clash of Clans is dependent on your goals. Do you want to get the maximum amount of gold and elixir from your battles? Or are you on the hunt for trophies? The strategy you employ, and the units you select need to be tailored to what you’re trying to achieve. In this section of our Clash of Clans strategy guide we’re going to cover an attack strategy for maximizing your trophies while still delivering a decent haul of resources. Gold and elixir farming are covered separately below.

To earn trophies in Clash of Clans multiplayer, you need to win battles. You ‘win’ by 1) destroying >50% of the enemy base, or 2) destroying the town hall. You can win a battle without destroying the town hall as long as you reach 50% total damage. The more damage you can do, the more trophies you will win.

Clas of Clans Attack Strategy

The first step in your Clash of Clans attack strategy is troop selection – choosing the right units is essential to success in multiplayer battles. The most important thing to remember is that each troop type has a preference for the types of buildings that it will attack. Wallbreakers go for walls, Giants for defenses, Goblins for gold and elixir while Barbarians, Archers and Wizards will attack whatever is closest to them.

One of the most effective troop combinations involves Wallbreakers, Giants, Archers and Goblins (+/- Wizards). Start out by dropping a single giant to distract the enemy’s defenses and then immediately drop 2-3 Wallbreakers (depending on the level of the walls you’re up against). Once the walls are down, flood Giants to take out the mortars, cannons and towers. As soon as the mortars are down, spam Goblins to mop up resource storage, mines and collectors.

Clash of Clans Attack Strategy

Archers can deal damage while staying out of range of cannon and mortar

Simultaneous to your main attack, place archers peripherally, one at a time, to find positions where you can attack buildings (such as barracks, builders huts, army camps and storage  while staying out of range of the enemy’s defenses. Removing the outer buildings doesn’t just add to your overall damage %, it also creates direct lines of attack to important walled structures, like gold and elixir storage  Archers and Wizards are also very effective for destroying walled defenses, such as cannons and towers that sit on the edge of a base.

Remember that not all bases are created equally, with certain defensive arrangements (such as extensive partitioning) much more effective than others. When searching for a base to attack, just keep hitting the ‘next’ button until you find a base a decent with a decent proportion of undefended, or poorly defended structures. This is important, as when you’re playing for trophies you want to either take down the town hall as fast as possible, or get to 50% total damage before your army is wiped out.

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