Clash of Clans Defense Strategy

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Whether you want to protect your gold and elixir, or prevent someone stealing your trophies, a good defensive strategy is critical in Clash of Clans. The first thing to be mindful of when planning your base is to ensure that you have centralized your town hall and mortars. If your town hall is destroyed, you may not lose many resources, but you will lose the match.

Your mortars are your most important defensive structure. They deal a huge amount of splash damage, and have a very wide radius of attack. If you lose your mortars, there’s a good chance the rest of your base will fall. Always wall off your mortars separately from other buildings, or ensure that there are at least two layers of walls that must be breached before the enemy can reach them.

Clash of Clans Defense Strategy

Separately partition your town hall and mortars, place non-essential buildings outside your walls

Walling is an essential defense strategy in Clash of Clans, and there are a few key points to keep in mind. Always wall off your ‘essential’ buildings. Essential buildings include your town hall, mortars, cannons, towers (archer and wizard), gold and elixir storage. Everything else (barracks, army camps, laboratory, clan castle, builders huts) is disposable. It’s important to prioritize which structures you protect, because you never have enough wall to protect them all.

As you upgrade your town hall, the amount of wall that you can build increases and many players choose to wall-in their gold mines and elixir collectors as these can hold large amounts of uncollected resources at higher levels. You should aim to create as many partitions, or independent segments, within your base as possible with the amount of wall available to you – it makes it much harder for the enemy to penetrate your defenses, and makes it more costly for them to do so.

Your non-essential buildings should be positioned in a ring around your main base. This serves to creates a ‘barrier’ that must be passed before enemy units can reach your walls and allows your cannons, towers and mortars to take out troops that are in firing distance.

Other defensive options available to you include bombs and spring traps which can be placed at strategic locations to deliver good “bang for buck” defense. Place these structures close to what your enemy wants – your gold and elixir. While the standard bomb costs just 400 gold, there is also a ‘giant bomb’ which deliver a bigger bang, but are hugely expensive (50,000 gold). At higher levels, the giant bomb can be useful but never place them randomly outside the walls of your base. Use it smartly, and position the giant bomb inside your base where it can protect your gold and elixir storage.

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