Clash of Clans Gold Farming Strategy

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Gold and elixir are the currency with which you fund new buildings, new units and big upgrades in Clash of Clans. Gold and elixir can be earned through mining, or they can be stolen from other players.

A big part of resource farming in Clash of Clans revolves around keeping down your trophies. Your trophy level determines the difficulty of the opponents you go up against, and generally speaking, higher trophies means better defenses. A common method of lowering your own trophies is to drop a single unit in to a new PvP match, and then end the game. You’ll only lose the one unit, and you’ll quickly drop down your trophies so that you can go up against lower level players.

When you are at a level that you are comfortable with, there are three units you are going to need to farm gold in Clash of Clans: Wallbreakers, Giants and Goblins. Giants distract the defenses and goblins take all the gold and elixir. The aim while gold farming is not to ‘win’ the match – the aim is to take as much of the other player’s resources as possible while minimizing your own losses.

Clash of Clans Gold farming

The storages are empty, but the gold mines and collectors are full

When selecting a match and choosing where to attack, it’s vitally important to look at how full/empty the storage are. If the gold and elixir storage are relatively empty, but the player has a large amount of gold/elixir, then it’s all sitting in the mines and collectors. This makes for very easy money – you can simply rush the resource collectors with your goblins and ignore the storage  which are often more heavily defended.

If you want to try and preserve your trophies while farming, the best strategy is to drop archers around the periphery of the base. Keep them out of range of the mortars and cannons and allow them to “steal” buildings to get across the 50% damage line and secure one star for the battle.

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