Clash of Clans Gems Strategy

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The green gems in Clash of Clans allow you to ‘buy’ new builders as well as instantly complete buildings, troop production and research. But, what if you don’t want to pay to play? Luckily, gems can be earned as well as bought, and there are a few useful strategies for acquiring free gems in Clash of Clans.

Earn Clash of Clans gems

Firstly, complete as many ‘Achievements’ as possible. There are achievements for every element of the game, from tree clearing to gold stealing and each completed achievement rewards you with about 5-20 gems. If you manage to crack 1250 trophies in multiplayer you’ll be rewarded with a massive 450 gems. Also, be sure to clear trees, bushes, logs etc that surround your base as these commonly hold 1-3 gems.

Have anything to add to our Clash of Clans Strategy Guide? Share your own Clash of Clans attack, defense and gold farming strategies below. 

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