‘Boom Beach’ Latest Full Map to Help Players Collect Resource Faster

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Finnish game developer Supercell has just released early this month the latest full map of the freemium mobile strategy video game “Boom Beach” which enables players to collect resources faster.

According to 2p, the map contains resource islands including Dr. Terror, Hammerman, and Colonel Gearheart islands, the Dive Locations. Apart from giving gamers a bird’s eye view of their exact position on the game, it shall also give them the location of resources which would enable them to collect resources faster that they can eventually use in battles.

The release of the full map came at the heels of the latest update to “Boom Beach” which Supercell released in May that brought players a host of new features and fixes.

Game N Guide details the new features that came with the game’s patch notes highlighted by several events including the assault of Colonel Gearheart on the war factories to look for prototype modules, the Hammerman attack, daily events that has a 21-hour duration, and VP reward boat that comes at the start of the daily event.

As far as new stuff are concerned, the update brought along a prototype weapons lab, the capability to assemble experimental and prototype defences, the ability to distract and destroy with a new gunboat called critters, two new super-challenging operations, as well as sea and land turtles.

The patch also comes with several game feature improvements including the ability to have a one-time only player name change, watch the attack replays from the revamped Activity Log, retreat confirmation, re-arrangement of base more easily by swapping building positions, drag and drop landing crafts to switch their order, check the operation statistics of Task Force, ability to leave a friendly note while getting rid of someone from the Task Force, better AI pathfinding, Arabic language support, lots of new graphics, and tons of bug fixes.

Hope for victory screen enthusiasts

Before the ‘Temple of Doom Cannons’ updates rolled out early in May, a set of updates were also taken on by “Boom Beach” that Supercell has referred to as the hope for victory screen enthusiasts.

That set of updates came with major improvements and new additions to the visuals of the game including a victory screen, new unit models, and a couple of info screen pop-ups.

It also brought forth extra animations and improved legibility, much to the delight of gamers who have practically made “Boom Beach” part of their daily lives.

And typical with updates, it also came with basic bug fixes and optimizations to the freemium mobile strategy video game.

Troops and defences

A strategy game that combines attacks on other players with attacks against computer-based bases, “Boom Beach” is set in a tropical archipelago with the player situated on an island with defences and troops.

The gameplay is somewhat similar to Supercell’s equally popular mobile video game, “Clash of Clans.”

Players can build their base, upgraded their defences, put up buildings, and unlock troop upgrades. The game also includes a single player campaign and the ability to attack other players in a multiplayer mode.

Indicating how impressive and widely received “Boom Beach” has become among mobile video gamers, it is actually a Top 10 game in 22 countries when it was launched in March last year.

The game pits the player against an enemy known as “The Blackguard” who is often represented by Lt. Hammerman.

boom beach

In addition to the main aspect of the game, “Boom Beach” also comes in a cooperative gameplay where players gather intel by surviving or ordering attacks or by rewards. They can then use this intel to attack other bases.


On April 24, “Boom Beach” also took on some updates that include the re-balancing feature which did not go well with most gamers.

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