Samsung Galaxy S7 to Focus on What Truly Matters Today: Privacy

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Fast processors, huge screens, powerful graphics cards, wireless charging and so much more – those are usually the features that get the most focus when a company talks about a new device that they’re bringing to the market nowadays. And while users always want more features and better performance, there has been a worrying lack of attention on some other issues that are becoming more and more prevalent in our modern society.

More specifically, the erosion of privacy is something that few companies want to talk about – and in the middle of allegations that various tech giants are working with the NSA, it’s refreshing to see reports like the ones we’re getting about the Samsung Galaxy S7, a device which is apparently going to focus very strongly on protecting their users’ privacy.

The new phone will reportedly use the new SD 820 chip by Qualcomm, complete with an Exynos 7430. The two chips should work in quite the tandem to make sure that the device can run well and with significant power but doesn’t drain its battery in a couple of hours at the same time.

One of the more interesting features that will be included in the device, according to reports, is a built-in protection within the SD 820 chip which uses advanced machine learning algorithms to detect viruses and threats before they’re even found out by antivirus companies. We don’t know the exact details about the feature’s implementation, but it sounds like it will be quite advanced and should offer some significant additional protection for the device.

With that, the company is apparently aiming to improve the privacy and safety of its users significantly, allowing them to feel safer with their information on their phones. This might not sound like anything important to some fans of the company, but it’s actually going to make all the difference in the future between good phones and mediocre ones, now that the NSA is keeping tabs on people so closely.

In addition, there have been reports that Qualcomm are working closely with various vendors of mobile security apps and they are planning to have their new heuristic features natively supported by popular security packages too. This should definitely improve the overall security of mobile operating systems in the future and make people a bit less reluctant to store private information on their devices.

As for the other features of the device, we’re not quite sure what to expect right now. There are rumors that the phone might be released after the CES 2016 in Vegas, although this is not yet confirmed and Samsung are keeping quiet about the launch of the phone right now.

There have been other interesting rumors about it too, such as a claim that it’s going to be the first device by Samsung to ship with the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Many users are eagerly awaiting the release of the new Android version right now, so that could be a pretty important selling feature for the phone.

samsung galaxy s7


But most people are currently talking about their privacy expectations with the S7. It’s pretty clear that this is a hot topic for many users and Samsung are doing the right thing by focusing on a chip that’s going to tackle this issue so actively, but hopefully this won’t be the only feature in the phone that makes it more secure and separates it from every other device on the market right now.

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