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 Playing this mobile video game has taught me there are two different camps on war strategy. Below we talk about the pros and cons of both strategies. 

Gung Ho strategy 

Gamers taking the Gung Ho philosophy of going-on-the-offensive progress faster through the ranks playing Boom Beach. A strong offensive allows for quicker accumulation of resources needed to upgrade a war machine through raiding.

But this offensive-first philosophy ultimately results in tougher opponents, more defeats, and fewer targets and ways to generate the resources to continue the fight.

An attack first strategy makes it hard to save the resources needed to sustain the war effort playing Boom Beach or save up for the big upgrade. It also leaves the base and HQ vulnerable to attack and you'll gain fewer gems and less intel.

If total offense doesn't work, your HQ will get destroyed, and you'll be defeated.  

The only saving grace to this Boom Beach war strategy is once you get to this point, you can let the enemy overrun your base and destroy the HQ to lose victory points and get matched against a weaker opponent. 

This all out offensive style of war suits a berserker, not a general, or captain. I found it lacking, especially if you plan on playing Boom Beach for a while, but fun as diversion from the real battle. 

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