Boom Beach Strategy BB

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 Here are some useful strategies for Boom Beach that you can use.

Troop Combinations

While rifleman will suffice at early stages of the game, it will start to fail as opponents unlock stronger towers such as mortars. It is vital that you start finding combinations that will help you raid bases easily. Here are some troop combinations that works quite well:

Heavy and Rifleman

This combination is very effective and cheap. Your rifleman will stay safe from range and dealing damage, while your heavy takes all the tower damage. This will be your bread and butter combination that is used for earlier parts of your raid until you can unlock the stronger units.

Heavy, Rifleman and Zooka

This is also a very good combination. Zooka’s deal tonnes of damage, making it quick work on most buildings. Just make sure to keep them alive and not get targeted by towers, especially mortars.

Tank Rush

This is probably an almost guarantee raid success when you have a  group of tanks. They are expensive to train though. Only use this if you have a lot of resources.

Heavy, Rifleman and Medic

This is also a very effective combination. Medics will keep your heavy and rifleman alive, making them do more damage over time. This reminds me of the classic Starcraftmarine and medic combo.

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