Question 1: Will I get an additional bonus if I recharge in-game gems or golds?

Answer: Yes, you will. We can get statistics from the backstage of our website. Each customer will get one additional bonus after he/she finishes his/her tenth order.

Question 2: What information should be provided when I buy gems or golds on this site?

Answer: You should provide your in-game username, password and UDID. You may provide your UDID only in some games, or you need provide you username and password only in other games.

Question 3: Will my account be stolen or hacked when I recharge gems or golds on this site?

Answer: No, it won t. All the data have been encrypted especially in-game password and UDID. And the information can t be read again after your order is completed when MD5 encryption technology is used during the recharging process. So you are asked to provide complete information when you place your order each time.

Suggestion: E-mail password, login password and account password should not be the same to prevent your account being stolen.

Question 4: Will my account be locked if I recharge gems or golds on this site?

Answer: Of course not. We recharge customers accounts through our own iTunes promoting account and it is completely legitimate. And this has nothing to do with any games from APP STORE at all.but may be a little of risk(2%).

Question 5: I don t know what UDID is? And how to get it?

Answer: You can follow instruction or you can take a look at this video: Find UDID number without Itunes,you can get it in both with.


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